Thursday, 5 July 2012

Creeper's Tour of Melbourne

Creepin' at Federation Square
Creepin' at ACMI
Creepin' 'round Flinders St. Station
St. Paul's Creeper
Creepin' 'round the garden
Being followed...
Creeper on Android
Creeper at Telstra
Creeper creeping
Creeper at Smiggle
Gate Creeper
Geek Creep
Creepin' at Parliament House
Creepin' on ALG
Showering Creeper
Creeper on Lonsdale
Creepin' down alleys
Creepin' Kung Pao
Creepin' home
Thanks to Adam, JP, Higgins, Yin, Kim and the bunch for a fantastic holiday.

Much love,