Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Walking to Grandpa's

Where are we going?

I'm not sure.

Then why are we going there?

You'll see.

I'm tired.

You're always tired. It's not much further.


It's not really fine, though. I am tired.

I know, Honey. Look. What's that?

I don't know. I'm tired.

I know, I know, but what can you see?

Is it another mountain walk? I'm too tired for that.

No, Honey. Just keep going.

What kind of tree is that? Do you know what that is?

Is it a palm tree- No, wait! I meant a pine tree. Is it a pine tree, Mum? It's got big pine nuts on it.

No, Sweetie, Pine nuts are inside pine cones. Pine cones are the big ones.

Oh. Okay. It's a pine tree.

You got it. There aren't many here, are there? Where are there a lot of pine trees?

In the mountains?

But where do you know there are a lot of pine trees?

I don't know.

Yes you do. Come on. Who has lots of pine trees?

Who has lots of- Grandpa! Grandpa lives near lots of trees!

Yep. He grows them, doesn't he, Honey? It's called a plantation.

Oh, cool! Has he still got lots of sheeps?

I think so, I think he has lots of sheep. We'll soon find out, won't we?

My feet hurt- when will we get there?

Soon. How's your hand? Is it still sore?

Just a bit, Mum.

Is Dad going to come too?

No. He can't come this time. We'll see him in a while.

Ok. Grandpa's funny. Remember when he told me to ride the sheep? He told me to jump up on its back, but I was too scared, but then he picked me up and was going to put me on the sheep, but he was just kidding- remember that, Mum? Remember that?

I remember, Honey. I remember. Grandpa's been a little sick for a while, so he might need to stay inside a lot. He can't walk as well as he used to, Honey.

Why not? Did he hurt his legs?

No. He's just getting older. It's all right, though.


Are we nearly there?

Yep. See that path? It's just a little walk down there, then we'll be at Grandpa's. Don't worry. We're nearly there.

That's good. My feet still hurt, Mum.

It's okay, Honey. We're nearly there.


  1. Gosh.. that brought tears to my eyes =(... Good story...

  2. cute story. Cuter baby (not)chicken.

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  3. OK, ames4eva, msihua, I'm really confused. It wasn't meant to be sad. teengkoh thought it was sad as well. It's just a conversation between a child and his/her mother. I don't think the gender is specified, but it sounds like a boy to me.

    I'm glad you liked it, though :).

    You people must be sadder types than me :).

  4. I thought it was sad too though I can't pinoint why. Perhaps because the insinuation that it'd been a while since they went to Grandpa's and now he was sick.

    Then again, I'm a sad chicken, so who knows.


  5. I wish you weren't sad...


    I wish you were bouncy and happy again, M'Dear.

    You'll get there. Ignore silly messages from silly people!

    And hug nice people!

  6. No, no. We will not talk about my sadness on your lovely post. Then again, I could be honest and say I just commenet on everything in hopes of a virtual hug. ;)

    I'm otay doll. Thank you. :)


  7. *hugs*



    Ooops! I... errr... slipped.



  8. I've got a sad soul... bah!