Monday, 15 November 2010

Isaiah 48:1-11

(A paraphrase)

You people of the chosen lineage; all you who swear by me: Listen!
All those who use my name, without an ounce of sincerity: Hear what I'm saying!
My message is for those who call themselves people of God, citizens of my city, and for those who place their trust in me, the Lord Almighty.

I told you all of this before- and then it came to pass!
You're so stubborn that you can't turn your heads and see for yourselves. I knew you were obstinate, so I gave you fair warning.
Now you can't say that your trinkets and man-made gods made all this happen.
Isn't this proof?

Now I will tell you brand new secrets, newly ordained. You can't say you've heard them before, and you certainly haven't understood. You never listened, you were born with your back turned away from me and you grew up in rebellion.

So that you will worship me and see my glory, I will not bring on you all that you deserve- and you will stay my people. Look at how I've been burning away your impurities by these trials.

I do all these things so that My Name will be held high, and so that you will know to whom you owe the glory.