Monday, 31 August 2009

Well, that was rubbish

Pretty much everyone gave up. Most people were useless. One boy reached out to me. Thanks for the hugs, JD.

I was immature this afternoon. I said some (completely justified) words, but forgot to do it out of earshot of the sister.

Oh, well. If she doesn't want to talk to me, then she's not worth it. Her sister is being stupid and petty and I'm not gonna lie and try and smile, when someone's going out of their way to make things painful for me.

EDIT: That was confusing... Who's the sister and.. what? Look, the one who is annoying is being annoying and her sister isn't. That being said, I haven't heard from Miss Nasty's sis in a few days, so we'll see...


P.S. More hugs would be appreciated...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Sweetest Flower

I never needed you to gaze in my eyes
Just to look the same direction
A life-long song, a true connection

You can't want someone all the time
But you want them forever
A changing heart leaves no reason why

-- Sweetest Flower, Gerry Doyle

Now, I love this song, but I know nothing about it. I can't find anything at all on the interwebs and these few verses I typed out aren't even the prettiest. He sings with a beautiful accent, but it obscures some of the lyrics.

Please, if anyone knows anything about it, I'd like some help.

I've got the CD and that tells me nothing at all.


A haiku

Ritchie is his name
He has a beard like Jesus
His pants are too tight

-- Em Carter, 2009

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


[] 18/8
[] 19/8
[] 20/8
[] 21/8
[] 22/8
[] 23/8
[1.1.*.] 24/8

All talk and no action, well, it doesn't get rather a lot done. It's time for me to be accountable to myself, so I'm working very hard on study, eating right, Bible Study, etc.

I'm going to keep a table here which will chart my efforts and I will try and keep it up-to-date.

It's a simple system. I'll keep it largely binary. There are seven fields, which correspond (in order) to:

- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Gym
- Jog
- Bible Study
- General Study

The idea is this: If I have approached satisfactorily each element for each day, then I get a '1'. If I have been a bad boy in an area, I get a '0'. If it hasn't been determined yet (I probably won't use this state very often, unless I intend to update before the day is through) then I get an '*'. Simple, yes? Now I can't hide from what I should be doing. Or indeed hide it from anyone who wants to call me up on it.


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Makin' up a song about...

Coraline was beautiful. Not as beautiful as my beautiful girl, but a sight to behold. So much so that I saw it twice. Cinema Nova was much nicer than Melbourne Central. The 3D glasses were better, the screen was clearer and everything was happiness. Me and my good friend drank organic apple juice and munched ice-cream sandwiches and had a blast.

Although, on the whole, it couldn't really compare to my weekend. That was delightful. I hope her family members approve. We went out to dinner with two sets of uncle-aunt-children on Saturday. On Sunday we showed another set around our fun lovely city. It's always hard to part from her company.

Today's weather reinforced the fact that the skies are always more grey when she's not around...

Uni was fun today. I discovered that the most disgusting this to watch is someone reanimate a corpse. We watched videos in class of pieces of cadavers with wires through them being moved to try and calculate the force needed to do certain actions.


I hope my girl gets back into her house alright. Lockouts are a pain.


Missing lots of you...


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Wow. I guess nobody reads this...

Well, I don't blame you.

Actually I do. I have no real intention of becoming a transvestite. I just wanted to inspire some egotistical conversation. Ah, well. On to more important news.

I'm very upset. The pinnacle of my Melbourne dining experience stops (not according to the reviewers, necessarily) with Dainty Sichuan in the CBD. Tonight, after one of the most memorable weekends of my life, I had to face the cold, hard facts. In fact, I'll let you read it for yourself...


P.S. Thank you, My Love. Thank you for your trust and your hope and your love, that you always seem to underestimate, but will always give me strength.

Most importantly, thank you Lord for watching over us and helping us to grow in love and faith. Thank you for working in those around us and loving us always.

Monday, 3 August 2009


I know some people think I'm pretty close as it is, but in reality I'm barely making an effort.

Let's be serious for a moment.

Do you think I could rock being a fully-fledged transvestite?

Please respond.


P.S. No, seriously. Whadya think? Maybe wait til I secure a job? After I get married perhaps? Hmmm... I'm looking for feedback here...