Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The boy who killed a fox

I was trying my hand at some more illustrations-- in a different style this time.

You can read my "story" here.

Not so much a story, as an excuse to do some scribbles.

Have fun!


P.S. The images display better, and the text is easier to read if you download the pdf.


  1. whimper... he doesn't go to my school does he? Actually, I like the drawings, and he doesn't LOOK like anyone from my school... YAY!!!

    The Anonymous Poster Child

    P.S. If you were going for a sociopath he wouldn't have felt guilty about killing the fox

  2. The effect I was going for, was a story written as if someone - with a poor understanding of convention - had written a children's story based on the images.

    Glad you liked the drawings :).

  3. I liked the drum picture :)

  4. Actually-- if someone would like to write a story for the illustrations, that'd be cool.