What's this nonsense?

So, what's it all about? I see- what are they? Chickens? Why are there chickens? And badly drawn ones, too.

Actually, they're not chickens. In fact they're distinctly not chickens. Around these parts they're known as (not)chickens or !chickens for those with a background in logic or coding. Here's an explanation.

And the tiny people in that assemblage up the top?

I'm sorry. What? An assemblage is a collection of objects put together into an art piece. It's three dimensional. I think you mean 'photo quintych' or something of the sort, although to be a quintych there probably should be thematic consistency.

I'm sorry. Thanks for enlightening me.

No problem.

Are you going to answer my question?

Oh. The little people. They're pixel caricatures of me and my friends. There's a little pink button under 'QUICK LINKS' that leads to more of them.

Okay, I get the pixel guys now. Hang on. There seems to be some attempt at creative writing going on here. A story for children? Poetry here and there? Is that something you do often?

Oh, on and off. Mostly it's just a dumping ground for little bits of inspiration I get. I do sketches and other collaborations with my sister, and others. It's just a self-absorbed, little place for me here on the Interwebs.

There seems to be references to God around the place. What's that all about?

Glad you asked! I'm really excited, because God, the Creator of the universe wants us to have a personal relationship with Him. How great's that? He doesn't want us to come to Him begrudgingly, though. He wants us to love Him, just as He loves us! To help us - because, let's face it, we need all the help we can get - he sent Jesus, His Son to live as an example for us. Jesus' most important role in this world is to tear down the wall that keeps us from being with God (everything we do that puts us at odds with God). His Son, Jesus took responsibility for all our sins (the stuff we do that isn't in line with how we were created) and because Jesus lived a perfect life, he was able to carry that in our place, and in doing so, was raised up again, as part of God, to rule with Him.

Oh, cool.

You said it! You know what else? If we choose to call Jesus our Saviour (accept the fact that Jesus died for us all) then we can have a personal relationship with God, through prayer, and reading His Word to us- The Bible. God also sent the Holy Spirit, a part of God, to be with us and help us through difficulties in our lives. If we ask, the Holy Spirit can work in our hearts and change them, so we can be better at loving other people, and God.

That's good to know. So this is a place of (not)chickens, pixel peeps, poetry and prayer?

I guess. Sometimes there're other things, if you're lucky, like complaining, lamentations, celebrations and other little musings and updates. I talk about my bride-to-be quite often, too. I hope that doesn't bother people. She's great! I hope you get to meet her one day. I'm really thankful to God for her presence in my life, as well as the many great friends I have. In fact, many of you I've only come to know through this space in cyberspace.

Thanks for all that. You cleared up a lot of things for me.

No worries. I hope you're doing well. Much love, y'all.


Oh. Wait. What? What did you just sign off as? Are you socialist, or something? That seems rather self-important, doesn't it?

Oh, sorry. I forgot to explain. I've used this name for a while, because I like anagrams. My name's Evan Thomas Ritchie, and there're some cool things you can do if you rearrange the letters. Some anagrams I created myself, others used computer programs.

Evan Thomas Ritchie =
The Soviet Chairman =
I, The Rat, Moves China =
Terminate This Havoc

Hmmm... Doesn't that put people off, having such an odd name?

I hope not.

See ya!