Thursday, 25 March 2010


If I go to school today,
I'll have to do my sums
And when I'm adding five plus five
I forget to count my thumbs.

But I can't go to school today
with nothing in my tum
If I don't have my breakkie,
I won't have to do my sums

But Dad says if I'm out of bed,
then breakfast time's afoot
If getting up's the problem,
me and Teddy should stay put

But Mum says when it's light outside,
I must be out of bed,
I can't stay here and dream that
I'm the principal instead

The moral of the story is
I can't have any fun,
As surely as the sun comes up,
I'll have to do my sums


  1. Very nice... twiddle dee and twiddle dum likeness =)

    Although for that one typo

  2. when night comes, it's time for bed Baby!

  3. stay here 'and' dream of that?

  4. Sums! Teehee. I guess "I'll have to do Addition" doesn't have the same ring to it anyways.

    And I <3 not!chick in pajamas. I'd buy that printed on some pajamas. Or as a plushie. And he'd be my plushie. And I'd sleep with him everyday.