Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Solitary Life

A balloon deflates in your room with unexpected aggression
Remains ask politely to be propped against a wall
This pin could never deflect off him
Tears disgust, screams in the cold night just annoy you

Never let the memories cloud your snap-shots
With arms deflecting shrapnel, with unwavering focus
Awareness of limitations is your strength
When a well-trained heart was nearly won

Stop thinking- Bolt! Don't hear the soul's murmurs
Bulging fish-eye lens peers at you, but you know
It'll descend from your sight- Backtrack!
Jump from a step of blind refusal, climb the ledge

-of the solitary life you know well
One second of weakness leads to the next
Escape is in the hardness of your heart
The only way to run is never to move an inch


  1. This is an ode to parkour (not sure how its spelt) isnt it? My brothers son like biting balloons till they pop but this song isnt about him because he would never faulter and never slip. He would leave a hole in the wall stupid enough to get in his way :)

    The Anonymous Poster Child is Back!