Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Grampians

Over the last few days I spent some time in recovery mode, hanging out with my folks in The Grampians. We walked trails, witnessed the destruction of the floods, saw wildflowers and watched kangaroos box. I filmed this on my phone out the window of our cabin:

Here's an echidna we saw on the track:

And various wild flowers and orchids:

A view of our caravan park:
I needed a rest. I got one. Thank you.

I hope everything's all right where you are.


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bookshelf friends

It's times like these when I wish my mum didn't have access to my blog. These toys were gifts, I swear!


I like the uplifting and stylish story told in Bioshock and Bioshock 2. Turns out that WWII era jazz, mixed with art deco, all shoved under the ocean makes for an amazingly atmospheric experience.

I'm sorry, My Love.


Thanks for being understanding.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

WeddingUniJobHuntingChurchUni... WeddingJobHuntingWeddingFamilyWedding...

*Cough* *Splutter*

So much to think about! I want rest. My body says it's tired. It hurts to move. Please let me rest.

I've been very happy of late. I've met up with friends, I've made new ones and I've been very grateful for My Love, and the kitties, and a beautiful house to decorate. My Love has been very understanding when I've made mistakes. My family... hasn't been as much. I love my family, but I'm too old to be scolded. Being reprimanded and convicted based on what the facts tell me is fine. But being punished by others isn't. Heaven knows I punish myself enough. I won't be yelled at.

Ah, well. You can't win 'em all.

I miss you, blogging peeps. I'll be free soon; liberated from this physical ailment as well as the leeches on my spirit. I really want to hang around at home, have clear airways and to be without this mess of a headache. And then I want to teach.

As it is, I'm applying for jobs, equally scared of getting an interview as I am missing out on one. An interview means rocking up, with mucus dripping and complexion a mess, while I try and tell them that I do in fact love teaching, despite my heavy head and gravelly voice. I AM excited.

I had engineering nightmares again last night. I woke up with a headache, in a panic, thinking I had to apply force calculations to rotating bodies. You haven't had a real nightmare until it involves vector resolution in rotating coordinates. I'm serious.

I love having a classroom. I love working for the individual. I love teaching.

This Big Daddy isn't too fond of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Or maybe it's just really hard to turn pages when one's hand is attached to a rotating set of blades.

I like toys. I like playing with them. I like photographing them.

I probably like you.



P.S. I most definitely like hugs.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cybody Tauburn (or Taubarn)

Cybody Tauburn

As you can see, there's another dolly to add to the shelf. This time it's Takuto's Cybody, called Tauburn (or Taubarn) from the anime series Star Driver.

A pilot and his Cybody:

I hope everyone's well. I have a persistent cold that just won't leave. And I miss My Love. She's been out a lot of late, with fancy dinners for medical types...

Catch you on the flip side!


P.S. Sorry for all the toy posts lately. I promise there won't be another until next year.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Takuto and Doseisan (Mr. Saturn) arrive!


More toys arrived! Yay for speedy delivery! Although I ordered both Mr. Saturns at the same time- but one was via a faster shipping service. There you go.

For those who want to skip the unboxing, here're the two newest additions to our bookshelf. I'm still not sure whether I'll have to pack them away when guests visit, so I don't bring shame on the family. Although, I reckon the Mr. Saturns are cute enough for the general public to appreciate.

The other fellow is Takuto from Star Driver- The Galactic Pretty Boy! He's the guy with the secret power to make you smile! And he's really pretty. Apparently.

I'd strongly recommend this show to people who don't shy away from the usual anime conventions: high school romance, saving the world, giant robots, secret societies and decidedly... "impractical" uniforms. It's fun, and is more good natured than it initially lets on. Check it out.

Takuto comes with a few faces, hands (including one set in the classic "Kiraboshi!" pose), 2 star swords and a regular sword. I doubt I'll be changing up the pose much, though. His hands were SUPER difficult to remove and reattach.

And here we have Doseisan (Mr. Saturn) back again! This time he's slave to Master Belch, working in his factory- but we set him free! Now to remove those shackles...

Here's Mr. Saturn checking his email.

And here he is as part of the shelf family.

Sorry it's potentially another boring post for most of you. I like pretty things and cute friends. So there.

I hope your weather is as nice as ours!



Ginga Bishounen!