Thursday, 30 April 2009

Open again.

Well, that was quick, wasn't it? The site is back up!

Due to research conducted on a vast number of test cases, involving rigorous scientific analysis and enough equipment to bankrupt the University in question, it was decided, by the author and associate, that the female lead in my series of short stories would emerge anew, as...


Also, after consulting the character, it was decided that she preferred to be known by this name. It suits her quite well.

Also, I hear some new illustrations might be surfacing soon...


P.S. Carl was also consulted, however his suggestion of having it developed into a political drama, set in outer space didn't fit in with the author's ambitions concerning the nature of the series.

P.P.S. Carl will not be consulted in the future.

Under construction

Like most of us, websites need a little down time for maintenance. My side project is currently under developement, hence restrictions have been imposed until things are sorted out.

Much love,


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Postcard, Happy snaps and Midnight messages

The image below is a postcard from a uni friend, sent while on her many travels. This one's from Egypt.

I was startled this morning (though not the biggest surprise of the morning) that the only thing in the letterbox under 'R' was for me. I haven't heard from her in a while - the last time I recall is when she telephoned at some strange hour (2:00am perhaps) from England. Her boyfriend is here and I'm in a few of his classes. She'll be returning from exchange soon, and it'll be very good to see her again.

I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to my wonderful girlfriend, who has put up with unexpected visits and messages at all hours

Last weekend I trekked up to see her after very little notice. As usual, my insecurities and I were happy to see her again, and I think she even enjoyed our stay.

After work, I went to pick her up from the rehab ward and took a few photos around her workplace.

This bush looks as cold as I felt.

Last night I was forced to reassess how things are going for me and how I'm going about everything. I messaged my beloved at midnight to ask her to hold me accountable when it comes to staying on track... Not that I actually told her what that consists of yet.

Thank you, My Love, for putting up with me, for letting me love you and for loving me in return. I'm sorry when I make things difficult, but thank you for letting me know that you do appreciate me.

Even when my methods seem like madness.


Saturday, 25 April 2009


The exclamation mark is to ensure I don't become too docile. As you might have noticed from that little button to the side there, I've started THIS as a small project. The premise is one I borrowed from my sister.

One day, I was recommending books to her and she said to me, "Ev, it's just too exciting for me. I like books where nothing happens. I like books which go nowhere and take a long time getting there."

Although I decided not to go with her last preference, I have decided to cater to that audience (an audience of one, I'm guessing). Each story isn't a story in the traditional sense, but a series of events that occur, perhaps with some significance, perhaps not. And these events make up a short narrative. Character development isn't guaranteed. Consistency will be attempted. Plot is a rarity.

Like I said; probably a niche market. Well, market is the wrong word.

I hope someone enjoys the small haven of certainty I'm constructing.

Stay a while. Smile. There's nothing to challenge you and nothing to fear.


P.S. I bought a sweet new jumper (sweater for you Americans) today. A loud, grey, woolen, button-up, turtle neck. Oh, yeah. Rock out.

Monday, 20 April 2009

My house...

...In the middle of my street. Yes, I know. It's not our, but it'll do.

I've returned to my room at college after some very relaxing holidays, but still left one treat in store. That's right, a sweet dinner party with My Sweet.

Wait. That's not right... Hosted by My Sweet!

She baked carrot and banana cake, sticky date pudding, carrot and red cabbage salad, chickpea and zucchini salad and many more tasty treats. She also left me smiling at the station, feeling happier than I can remember. Congratulations, My Love. You hosted a fantastic party and you've given me a smile that refuses to fade.

Below is a snap-shot of one of my walls. There are a conventional set of four walls to my room. In the image below, we see a Tiki souvenir from New Zealand, brought back by a dear friend. We see a postcard with a photograph of Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger's The Water Hole. We see a poster of the fantastic clay models by the talented Camille Young of some of the characters from Mother 3, which was previously the inside of a book jacket, which I decided to get laminated. We also see a beautiful calender, which my amazing girl gave me, out of the blue. It helps make the year go faster, seeing images of good times when we were free to just spend time together. The only problem is... I can't write on it... I don't want to mark it!

*happy sigh*

She's so beautiful.

Below we have a rather terrifying poster from Antony and the Johnsons' album, The Crying Light. Beside it we see a poster from Ben Kweller's Changing Horses.

Further down we have my dear Abby reading my girlfriend's blog. So that's who has been using up all my download quota!

Come visit some time,


P.S. Abby appears to be rocking out to... Don McLean? Fair enough.

P.P.S. I'm so very tired. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Happiest Easter!

Congratulations, my love, on your baptism and confirmation!

...And surviving my family!

Well, actually, my love goes out to my folks and my two sisters for coming up to Bendigo and helping to celebrate. It was a lot of fun and a very happy time for all of us.

Thanks, Babe, for reminding us all of the great gift of salvation, given freely by Christ's death on the cross. As you said your baptismal vows, it reminded us all the more of what it meant as we renewed our own.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Easter celebrations, public declarations

It's Good Friday today. The day we remember the lead up to Jesus' death and how his followers were left wondering and in mourning for the loss of the Saviour. Jesus said his part, was sent to Herod and stood silent, then was returned, found innocent again, then convicted by the people and took up the cross for all those that had him nailed there.

The Service at St. Jude's was good. Each reading from Luke had a speech in between about how easily Jesus could have avoided death and how “silly” he was in acting the way he did, by bringing it all on himself. “Silly” in saving humanity by paying the price none of us can afford. Paying it out of love. God's own son.

Throughout the service, an artist painted a scene of Jesus being paraded through the streets, starting with bare-bone charcoal sketches and finishing at the end of the service with a completed, sombre piece of artwork. The scene was left on display for the second service (the family service) and acted as a good focus of contemplation.

My family arrives Saturday morning and we will all head up to visit my girlfriend and help her celebrate. She's getting baptised and confirmed! I'm so happy that she's chosen to make this public declaration of her faith in Christ Jesus. And on Easter Sunday! We're going to have a great time and my family will get to see her in her new surroundings as doctor of a rural hospital. I can't say enough how happy I am that she's found a community to call her own; a community where she fits in, all too easily.

My beautiful girl. I love you so very much. Thank you for sharing your life with me and letting me share mine with you.

My beautiful Saviour, the only son of God. You came into the world to redeem. I love you and want to live my life for you. Help me to shed my broken, spiteful ways and - with each day - grow in faith and love.

Thank you that you paid the price and won the victory,


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

*Drum roll*... the Mother 3 Handbook!

Yes, I thought I'd better do a proper post about receiving the Handbook. As everyone on the planet must know by now, the greatest fan-made creation in a while (at least since the Mother 3 fan translation) has officially started hitting people's mail boxes.

If you're unaware of this work of dedication and love, I highly suggest you check out the... Mother 3 Handbook!

With a production quality surpassing any official guide, the team behind its creation (notably: John Kay, Reid Young, Andrew Rogers, Clyde Mandelin, Camille Young, Steven Campos, Emilio Orsi, Sebastian Hardy, Christopher Warriner, Brian Jaworski, Charlie Verdin, Kevin Williams, Jeff Erbrecht) along with the community's love and support have really acted as a shining beacon of what a true online community can be capable of.

Now, what is Mother 3, you ask?

It's strange, beautiful and heart-breaking. Please, I urge you to head to the fan translation site and begin a journey that will change you for ever. It was never released in English (and probably never will be), so fans created an unofficial English translation. It is the third in the Mother series. Obvious, really.

Beneath its quirky exterior of transvestite magypsies, pig mask soldiers and cross breed creatures (horsantula, anyone?) lies a social commentary you won't want to miss and a heart that beats to a rhythm that is immediately familiar; an idealistic push for what is good and pure, despite what our broken world keeps throwing at us. It has tragedy, crushing defeat and death. It has courage, strength and friendship.

I must stop here. Just thinking about it, I'm starting to tear up a little.

The Handbook itself contains hundreds of illustrations, tons of humourous references and over 50 clay models. It's a worthy addition to any gamer bookshelf.

Also, you may note the necklace above. It was a limited addition key chain (depicting the courage badge from the game) that came with books ordered prior to the middle of January this year (2009). However, as I don't have many keys, I figured a better use would be something I could wear. After trips to three jewellers and a cheap jewellery store I managed to modify the key chain into the necklace you see above. It cost me a total of $7.00AUD. I'm very pleased with it. Although, as I've said, it won't replace the necklace I normally wear.

Unless of course I'm in a particularly nerdy surrounding.

Seriously, check out the game, then get the book. If you see me afterwards, feel free to come up and hold me without explanation. I'll understand.


Left wanting, left wandering

"Map it to a sphere! Do it!"

Ah, terrain generation. Good times. I look at his project and think: "Goodness. I'm struggling with sorting algorithms and now he's programming pure awesomeness into his virtual world.


I wish I was a programmer.

I'm reading a fantastic book on feminist theory (or freedom from gender roles) and how it can be compatible with Christianity. I don't believe the husband should lead. I think, ideally in my life, I'd like to share leadership and function as a team with my wife. I think a healthy dose of idealism is important.


I wish I was an arts student.

I've been having more fun writing short stories and working on my novel than I've ever had on any one day at uni. I get a kick out of a well-structured, beautifully flowing piece of prose. I admire those who produce wonderful creative bodies of work. I enjoy getting lost in an environment I've constructed and conveying a message or simply an entertaining tit bit to whoever will read it.


I wish I was a writer.

I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I manage to jog further than I thought I could. I have fun upping my weights (I'm no power lifter) every now and again. I'm not narcissistic. I'm not vain, but I like to look at my physical being and see something I've had an effect on.


I wish I was a regular gym goer.

I had a fantastic day at the galleries the other day. I relaxed in the sculpture garden. I saw an amazing exhibit on different styles of furniture and the balance between aesthetic beauty and functionality and when they meet in creative ways. Seeing my sister produce beautiful/provocative works of art for her course in Fine Arts makes me so jealous.


I wish I was an artist.


I came up with a novel construct in one of my algorithm classes yesterday that I'm quite proud of. I guess I'm not a bad programmer.

I had a great conversation on the merit of different political systems and the state of social attitudes this afternoon. Hmmm... In many ways I am a student of the arts.

My book is coming along quite well, with some very positive feedback so far. At least I'm finding an outlet for my writing.

I've been maintaining nightly jogging sessions for many weeks now. I can run further than I would have ever thought, even compared to back when I was a little lighter than I am now. I'm not unfit, certainly.

I gave my sister an idea for a work I'd like her to start on. She's taken too long, so I'll begin without her. I don't want to disclose the details. It's quite special, I'm sure. Here goes my attempt at constructing and conveying meaning from a collection of symbols. I'm about to try ART (Heh heh... I love teasing my sis with words exactly like these)!

Things are actually quite good.

I'm smiling,


P.S. My girlfriend? She never leaves anything wanting (except for more time with her).

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The play and the play thing

Well, I've had a lot of fun over the last few hours. Last night I saw my mother's production (she was musical director) of The Sound of Music, with the Lighthouse Theatre Company. Fantastic show. A real showcase of the talent we have on the peninsula.

Yesterday I also received the parcel that had been waiting for me, waiting to greet me and tell me how it loves me and show me its wonders. You guessed it! The Mother 3 Handbook! I was particularly impressed with the clay models, entertaining writing and fan references.

Truly a work of dedicated fanaticism. People, don't spend your passion on war or heartache, but on intricate works on fan art.

The handbook, if ordered early enough, came with a "courage badge" keychain. I don't have any keys, and I like wearing necklaces, so I did what any Mother 3 fan would do... I made a courage badge necklace! Yipee! The people at several jewellery stores were very helpful. It cost next-to-nothing and none of the work cost anything.

Here it is below.

The cross below is necklace I normally wear. It was a Valentine's gift from my beautiful girl and is dearer to my heart (at least the two loves it symbolises are) than any piece of fan art could ever be. It's much nicer and I'll continue wearing it every day, however... my courage badge, if worn in the right nerd circles, one day, will score me a knowing look or an appreciative glance and it'll all be worth it. Oh, yeah. It also deflects lightning attacks.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Chapter 1, page 1

The iron chains bobbed up and down, became taut, then loosened again as the waves pushed and pulled the giant pontoon around the inlet. A pier reached out to it with a hinged boarding ramp that scraped against the deck in time with the waves. Its movement added rhythm to the night. The only other sounds were the breaking of waves on the shoreline, the creaking of the chains and the occasional rustle of the wind through the native grasses behind the boardwalk. The evening seemed to breathe heavily, but without any obvious signs of life.

An entire college rested on the floating platform, complete with dormitories, kitchens, laboratories and a gymnasium. From the pier it appeared to be as tall as the inlet was wide. The hulking shape of the school made for a terrifying view in the moonlight. It was widest near the middle and the silhouette was jagged with balconies and platforms. Approaching the entrance, the dark, angular shape of the greenhouse could be seen immediately above the large front door. Several lights shone from the surrounding dorm rooms.

From one such room, a paper boat fell and landed silently on the water. Another followed, seconds later. Then another. After a few minutes, a fleet was gathered beneath the window. Some were upright, others lay on their sides, each a different design.

Inside the room a boy paced from his desk to the window, deployed another vessel, then returned to his chair. A desk lamp illuminated his small, wooden bedroom. He pulled another piece of paper off the pile and started folding, first in half, then he pressed in the corners. He turned the paper over in his hands, folding and unfolding until he'd formed a hull and and a cabin. He put this last boat on his desk, pulled out a pen and wrote “H.M.S. Riley” on each side. After switching off the lamp, he pulled himself up onto the bed, lay on top of the blankets and stared at the ceiling.


Well, that was the first page of the first chapter of my first children's novel.

That's all you get until it's finished.

Wish me luck,