Friday, 31 October 2008

Tally Hall, y'all

I just watched the latest episode of their internet show. Fantastic. Seriously, people. Check it out. They're a great band if you're after something a little quirky (aren't we all?) and feel like smiling. Don't not listen to Tally Hall! Stop it! Stop! Quit it! Is it that hard to stop not listening to Tally Hall?

I'm in the computer labs of another university. I feel like a spy. Mostly it's the rubber diving suit and the night-vision goggles I'm wearing, but it could also be the fact that I'm on their system, doing my own thing. That's right. You got it. Down and dirty blogging on computers that belong to a university that I don't even go to.

I got less than three hours sleep last night. I also got less than the recommended eight hours sleep, but it doesn't sound as impressive when I put it like that. Assignmenting isn't much fun right now. It's eating up my sleep time and I'm desperately trying to study, but they keep throwing assessment at me.

Last night I shared something special with a friend. Something that made us better people for the experience. We bought a kilo of bacon, a block of cheese, a loaf of bread and went nuts making cheese and bacon sandwiches. We went for a walk to the supermarket after my head started hurting and I was trying to cope with the fact that I still had many hours of work ahead of me. I thought to myself, let's get some donuts. But he had a better idea. Bacon. The only idea.

So I'm full of pig and feeling good.

Get some bacon in you. I did.


Thursday, 30 October 2008

Sichuan flames

Not in my mouth, though. That was nicely warmed, but not quite on fire. It's my digestive system that's aflame. Kong pow prawns, Thin beef strips in a hotpot, sichuan tofu, all delicious, all compounding the agony this morning.

It really was a nice meal out. Two people I love dearly sharing a meal with me. The waitress was adorable. She kept asking questions about what things are called in English and if the two white boys present could handle the spicy food, that she herself had trouble with. Of course the two of us could handle it without any problem (until eight or so hours later). The waitress asked her in Chinese which of the boys she was dating, the red one or the yellow one (by the colour of the tops we were wearing). She said she'd thought she worked it out by the fact that I'd reached my hands out to hold hers across the table. I'd say that's a pretty clear sign.

Girlfriend. Sounds nice, doesn't it? I like it. That's what she is.

The girl who was causing me trouble over the last few weeks (not the good kind of trouble either) has let up. She's decided that I care about her and that she's obviously done enough to hurt me of late, so she wants to be friendly again. I don't understand. Oh, well. It's nice not to be screamed at for a while. I care so much about her, so it's nice to see the same in return.

I just took a break there to scream for a while on the toilet. Yep. Just thought I'd entertain you all with that image.

My best mate from high school, who was at the restaurant (who is absolutely amazing) has been fantastic about everything. He's been understanding when I've been... errr... overenthusiastic with my affection for my girl. He's been there through the abuse I've received from certain others. He just keeps showing his love for me and it really is amazing. I love him so much. I pray that we'll stay close (geographically that is because we'll always stay close emotionally).

I really want to move into a place with him next year, but my parents reckon it'll cost a lot and would rather pay a little extra to keep me in a college for the convenience.


Catch you on the flip side. I got too much work to do.


Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Naughty naughty

Well, mostly not, but it is hard to get through the day without being a little naughty... Am I right? Last night, after Bible study, I returned home to one of my apartment mates so we could get freaky!

That's right! You heard me! We went at it for two hours! It was loud, it was intense and by the end of it we'd used up all our energy and collapsed in a heap. But it was so satisfying. We unlocked at least four challenge trophies! And now we are awesome at "Cruel Brawl" mode. We reckon Meta Knight is the go. His spin attack from side to side is pretty good. We aren't too bad when it comes to "Home Run Contest" either.

Ah, Super Smash Brothers: Brawl, how you bring people together. It's been fantastic having another person who loves Jesus living in the apartment and he's really been there for me when I've had a tough time of things.

Truly I tell you. Mario Kart Wii and SSBB have really helped bring people closer together. There's nothing like coming home to a voice saying, "Take off your shoes, pull up a controller and we'll de-stress for a while."

Another interesting phenomenon: How a family friendly game can bring about so much bad language. We make up the craziest insults. Usually they consist of a mash of really rude words in no particular order, the likes of which I won't post here. We make up alternate, unkind names for all the characters, just so we can call them by that name when they beat us. It really brings us together.

It was really good to be back at Bible study last night after missing a few weeks. We read Acts 17, which was fantastic. It was great how Paul, even in his distress, managed to find a foothold with which he could bring the good news of Jesus to the Greeks with whom he was talking; how he eloquently spoke in a way that made it familiar, without compromising the truth. In our mission to those around us it's often so hard to start off. But when we look at his time, we really see an environment very similar to our own. We see a place where everyone likes nothing better than to spend "their time doing nothing but talking about and listening to the latest ideas."

It really sounds like a University environment, which is especially relevant for me.

It really is good news, everyone. Have a fantastic week.


Monday, 27 October 2008

A mother of a choice...

Two assignments to do tonight...

But Mother 3 is here!

But the assignments are worth at least 25%...

Mother 3 will transport you to a place where the size of your heart determines your strength!

But doing well this year is a little more important than previous years...

But! But! ...Lucas! ...Flint! ...Salsa! All your friends!

The choice isn't as easy as you'd think. I mean, there's still a part of me that's considering doing the assignments.

Get some sleep and send it my way. I hope I'll see you soon,


Sunday, 26 October 2008


Well, do you like the new header? It looks like I'm 40 years old, and is reminiscent of icons we see of the Lord, except this time on His way to the office, just grabbing a coffee. But if people know me, I kinda look a little like that at the moment. Except I'm much, much younger.

I needed something to preoccupy my time. And it sure wasn't going to be study. Somebody very close to me is making it difficult to be happy. I only need a few minutes with friends, or a glance at a certain beautiful girl to make me smile again, but it's unpleasant to say the least. I'd almost call it slander, but it was only on a small scale and to someone who can be sensible, so no harm done, but it hurts that she'd lie to my face about something so grave. If it really were true, what she said, then I'm the kinda guy who would sit in his room crying for a while, then endeavour to rectify what I'd done. With my memory failing me at the best of times, I was worried for all of thirty seconds. I thought, what if I am like that? What if she's right? What if I just can't remember? Then I remembered the endless witnesses, and I sought out two who assured me that it was truly cruel to say such things about me.

But my mind can't be at ease. To say things like that about me, she must be hurting more than I can fathom. I hear from those who she spends time with that she cries a lot, to a lot of people. Why can't she see that I love her and want her to be ok? I pray that she'll strive for calmness of mind, and see all the people around her that want to help, and from whom she keeps isolating herself.

Cheer up, everyone. Love each other and be vigilant to help those around you. I'm trying my best.


Saturday, 25 October 2008

All that a man can do

I've done my best.

No, I haven't.

Hmmm... There's a problem when one thinks that one is able to overcome things that normal people can't. One tends to never give up, despite everything. But on the recommendation of those around, I think it's finally time for me to call it quits. It's certainly someone else's turn.

Abstract and self-certifying nonsense, that was. Again, perfect blog material. Yay for ambiguity!

Get your head sorted, folks. Maybe you just need to laugh a little. I think I'll play some Mother 3.



Thursday, 23 October 2008

Engineering student love

The fellowship that engineering students manage to achieve when compared to their fellow students is amazing. Maybe it's not as physical as the arts students, but that's probably for the best as we also tend not to wake up not knowing whose bed we happened to stumble into after a hard drinking session, followed by a poetry reading, then more hard drinking. Don't get me wrong, we like to drink and I'm sure some of our cohort are promiscuous, it's just that statistically, the options for shenanigans among our own group are severely limited. We are mostly males. Heterosexual males. With the exception of our foxy friends in chemical eng.

We share our assignments, we pull each other through, we share notes and buy each other alcoholic beverages. We show our love in "manly" ways. But it is a kind of love. Just look at the law department.

They back stab, refuse to discuss assignment work and have a perverse form of socialising (not in the arts student way, but just in a cold, detached way). They talk behind each other's backs and have a policy along the lines of "who falls behind, gets left behind". I'm so glad I'm an engineering student. A nice balance of socialising and study, sometimes with mild social incompetence, but overall a friendly bunch.

I'm glad the sun came out today to wash everybody's blues away. My dear friend wasn't feeling well yesterday, but he's cheered up now. He'd like to attribute it to some socialising he's done with a certain lady friend, but I'm gonna say it was all this sun.

Much love in this lovely weather,


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Bacon and eggs

This morning bacon and eggs cured my headache. I awoke with a pounding head, in much the same state that I went to bed. After some bacon and eggs, all was well. Except that exams keep crawling closer and I have too many assignments to do and I missed an important lab session yesterday and I'm going to miss bible study again because I didn't realise that the performance was tonight that I agreed to go to (can't wait to see it, though) and on top of that you won't see her for another two days and...

Calm down.

Everything's going to be alright.

Evan, you just got a job secured for the summer, running around in the sun, patrolling waterslides and teaching people how to use a canoe, etc. That's true. That's pretty good. Your girl loves you. That's unbelievable. Then go have an awesome day.




Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sudden attack of nerves!

*breathe in*

*breathe out*

It'll be ok... I've just been having debates on a social networking site about certain issues and the responses I've received have made me really nervous...

For example: Capital punishment in Australia. I'm not going to put forward my point of view, but the examples I gave were pretty clear-cut. A friend claimed that it wouldn't be an act of vengeance, but that if anyone harmed his sister he'd want them to pay with their life. How can this not be vengeance?

I could understand if we're commenting on the financial drain on the system by keeping certain criminals in jail, but comments like: terrorists deserve death, to me, show a complete lack of understanding of the mindset a person needs to be in to commit such atrocities. Considering that we don't negotiate with terrorists, the argument that jailed terrorists can be freed from our country is a null one.

Maybe I'm just an engineering student who doesn't have a great deal of background in this theory, but I still can't help feeling nervous...

Another thing is that I've just put forward a view-point that isn't too popular to my precious one. She asked me online about it and I haven't gotten a response yet. I know she'll still care, but I can't help shaking a little.

I have a trial work period coming up after the job interview I had. My poor memory makes me worry that I won't be able to remember what I'm told to do... Will I remember what they ask me to do. Will I even remember to show up?

At least having a bad memory means that I won't remember to be nervous for too long. To take my mind off things, I think I'll to go "karting" with my friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.

May all your drifting result in mini-turbo,


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Too much energy drink? Who's a bouncy monkey?

Well, thanks to 4 cans of energy drink, I pulled an all-nighter and submitted my assignment! Yay! Take that, Computational Mechanics! Now I must sleep off the throbbing wreck that is my head...

In other news, I think/thought I saw a monkey! It could have been a really large possum that cackled, but I'm fairly sure it was a monkey. Maybe I was more sure at 3:30 in the morning, but I'm still fairly sure. I was walking back through one of the largest parks nearby (one that contains not only the psych ward of the hospital, the Juvenile Detention Centre but also the zoo) at some ridiculous hour when across the road in front of me scampered a large, furry creature. As I moved toward the bushes into which it bolted, a screech came forth that nearly induced parasympathetic rebound (showing off the new lingo). I suppose only time will tell whether I did in fact see a monkey. I'll look out for the news report on the escaped monkey over the next few days.

I also received one of the most beautiful emails I've ever read yesterday. Without it I'm sure I wouldn't have lasted to complete the night's work. I've read it and reread it. I think I'm going to read it once more before I retire to bed (yes, it's nearly midday).

Wishing you all a portion of the joy I'm feeling,


Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Just kidding. I miss you.

Ode to almond tea

Almond tea, almond tea,
On the bench.
You taste like happy.
Chinese, not French.

-- TheSovietChairman, 2008

Monday, 13 October 2008

Sometimes I get frightened...

A close friend of mine tried to advocate the class system within her country of origin recently. Not just justify, but advocate. She claimed that it helped the small country pool its resources and put them where they would be best put to use. By the way, that wasn't with the lower classes. Why waste education, when there's barely enough resources for those who'll use it well? Another aside -- this is not a poor country.

I relayed my horror to my father, who laughed and said, "we used to claim that, back in England" - taking about our country's heritage, as my father has never been to England in person - "tell her to come back to talk in a hundred years' time."

Now, my friend wasn't quite as uncaring with her words as I've made out, but it still shocks me. Another friend said yesterday that all countries should have compulsory military service for all men, to - among other things - encourage dedication to workplace and help people make fewer mistakes. I'm not sure what he meant by the last statement.

Is it unjustified culture shock I'm experiencing or do Australians need to start showing our international friends that there are alternatives; that some of our values might have merit?

Although it's sad that feminism in Australia has taken many backward steps since the seventies, we have to remember what's good about our fair land and its people.

Stay safe, hug often.


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Hiccough or hiccup? I think I prefer hiccough...

I've been having too much fun with everything recently; from the restaurants to the clubbing last night to the sunny walks to the juice bar this afternoon. Hopefully this means I'll be in the right frame of mind when it comes to my job interview tomorrow. I had a little hiccough in the fun this afternoon, but hopefully things will smooth out in time. Mostly it's been fantastic!

We had a proper conversation (as we've been calling it) today. It was fantastic. We talked about upbringings and general philosophies. It seems better every day.

There's something strange I've noticed. Whenever I have doubts, she's sure of our relationship and how right it is. Whenever she has doubts, I know that we're fantastic together. It's probably just coincidence, as we haven't really had time to doubt. Overall, I'm sure that we'll look out for each other and that our amazing honesty has really helped us get to know each other and will help through further hurdles. She seems stronger and more relaxed and I'm getting better study and eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I eat healthy -- just in extremely large quantities.

Hmmm... After reading that, I've decided something. No more relationship blogging for at least the next five blogs. Hopefully that'll make it more readable.

Now, I'm going off to sing something by the Barenaked Ladies while nobody's in the apartment. Oh, and check the bus timetables to get back home from the station...

Ta ta!


Friday, 10 October 2008

Thank you, Lord for a great day

Gelati in the sun, spicy Chinese delights at a Vietnamese restaurant, a tasty raspberry and watermelon thick shake and a beautiful girl singing Ben Kweller to me to top it off. Smiles all 'round!

Yesterday was a good day. Today looks beautiful too.

Now I'm off to hand in an assignment!



P.S. Go watch The Mighty Boosh, y'all. Classic...

P.P.S. Anyone like the little picture of the fish and me? Wait.... Nobody reads this... Oh, well. If nobody responds, then I'm keeping it. At least as long as I have my beard, that is.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nail polish woes

I started the day with visions of dark blue with red flames. Stylish, no? How did I end up in magenta? Now there's a story for the ages.

After missing my first lecture (I'm missing a tutorial to write this), I was dismayed to find that my red nail polish hadn't been returned. What was I to do? I laboured on. I applied the blue, which was coagulating rapidly in the hope that orange flames would be nearly as exciting. After getting through the first hand, I realised that the blue was lumpy and terrible (it's in the freezer now in the hope of being resuscitated) and I would have to do the other hand in another colour scheme. Aaargh! Asymmetrical hands! Never mind.

I did green for the last four fingers (yes that's right, my thumb was blue, giving six blue digits and four green ones -- Awful...) and put a layer of light purple over the blue fingers to even them out. Success at last! The purple made them a delicious, rich lavender! However the greens were now looking a little lacklustre... I tried to add a magenta stripe down the side of the green ones, just to imbalance it further, but the magenta over the green gave terrible, almost brown colour. There was nothing for it, I had to remove the green nail polish.

After carefully unscrewing the cap from the nail polish remover, I was forced to twist in odd positions, so as not to damage my beautiful, wet, lavender nails. After some success, the inevitable happened. Simultaneously, I damage two of my lavender nails beyond repair. I was furious. What a fiasco! I just had to start again. What could I do when I had so many other things to get done? Then it hit me. The magenta was a quick-dry formula! I would have to settle for that. Soon, I would be sporting the glorious nails that are at present dancing across my keyboard.

Today's sunny. It's a wonderful day for magenta.

Have fun.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Change of topic

I tried to do something for someone (vague, huh?) but it ended up being mostly to my benefit and if anything, slightly to their detriment. Oh, well. She knows I care.

Hmmm... Let's talk about something other than her for a change (really, is that possible?). Otherwise someone will get bored (not me!). I have four assignments due in the next few days. How many have I done? None. Oh, well. One will happen this afternoon. Another will happen tomorrow night, then one for each of the next two days. Then a job interview on Monday. I'm applying for a job over the summer at a sort of recreation park near my place on the peninsula. Hopefully along side that I'll have a job at the pub, behind the bar for the evenings.

I haven't read in a long time. I mean, I keep up the Bible study, but reading for leisure is something I miss. I have a pretty interesting set of books here. A quick look at the shelf turns up the following: The First-time Cook, Black Cherry, Men in Feminism, Australian Ballads and Short Stories, Wicked!, Electrical Engineering Principles and Applications, The NIV Study Bible, Gaming: Essays on Algorithmic Culture, House of Leaves and The Pilgrim's Progress, Jane Austen: The Complete Novels. I love reading but I haven't had much time lately. The spare time which I've made has been filled with picnics and beach trips and other glorious fare. All in all, I've perhaps had a little too much fun.

Well, I've just produced "three unrelated paragraphs". Good title, that. On second thoughts, it's not that great.



Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First anecdote of the blog. Better write it quickly!

Why should I hurry? I think I'm forgetting things faster than I'm learning. Much faster. Much, much faster. That's not good for a uni student. Or anyone. But really, I'm blessed with lots of things in my life. Here's an example, before I forget:

There's a girl I'm keen on. Really, really keen on. Wait, I've used that literary device already... Anyway, she's different in a way that most parents would worry about. I've seen, first hand, parents worrying about smaller things. I'm so glad we share the same faith, so that we can - with God's blessing - grow in faith together. However, there are other things about her. To me, she's perfect. Not perfect, as in flawless, but a beautiful, broken person in this beautiful, broken world. Like me! So she's perfect for me. I can't see into the future but I pray that we'll be together... As you can see, I'm distracted -- all the time. Please get back on topic. OK.

Where... was... I... Ah, yes. Blessed. My parents love me and trust me, to a healthy extent, I feel. I received a very nice message from Mum after I sent her a text, thanking her for feeding the myriad of friends that had come through our doors and for being generally hospitable. What I was really trying to say was: "Thanks for being an awesome mum. P.S. I'm so glad you liked her." She sent back a message: "It is a pleasure to meet your friends and have some idea of what you are doing with your life. You could have made far worse choices than you have. I am proud of you and the friends you have made. Lots of love, Mum."

After rereading what I've wrote I just remembered that I'm supposed to be writing about my memory. Woops. Today I was sitting at the lunch table at college, eating a sandwich. I was tapped on the shoulder, by a friend who asked everyone if anybody had any free texts on their mobiles. I offered up mine, keeping the phone sock cover in my right hand. She proceeded to begin messaging. I took a bite out of my sandwich, looked around the table, then took a swig from my glass of lemon cordial (it's almost always lemon, so that's one thing I don't need to remember). All this took less than two minutes. I then caught a glimpse of the phone sock in my hand. I felt around my jeans then proceeded to look around the table. I shot up in my seat and hollered: "Crap! Where's my phone?!"

This has been happening with regularity (I think) for some time. Just forgetting little things. I never remember what class I'm supposed to be going to by the time I've walked to uni. I always have to look it up. Hmm... Now I'm thinking that if I did ever remember, I would probably forget that I've remembered in the past. That's confusing.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think I'm functioning adequately for the time being. I just wouldn't like to get much worse. But, like I said, I'm blessed in a whole lot of ways.

Well, that concludes my first ever blog.

I'll review it before I post it.

Hmmm... Too long, self-absorbed drivel with too many commas. Perfect blog material! Much love, I'm sure...