Friday, 29 October 2010

3 free tickets going for tonight:

The Potbelleez, TRAK Bar. Tonight. 9:00pm.

Call me on 0425 723 563 if you want 'em.


Thursday, 28 October 2010

Looking back... something I really like to do.

I often wonder what my children will think when they look at how their father used to make shapes out of felt and how he used to write about nothing in particular. Almost every day.

My father's pretty groovy. He can be a handful sometimes. So can I. But he's looked after me all my life. My mother's a great listener. She is slower to judge and will try and understand things, even if her initial impression of a situation is way off.

I love both my parents.

What will our children think of their strange father and beautiful, energetic mother? Will I still be making (not)chickens and reminiscing? Will my sketches be the same? I might go back to the sketches for a while.

Or perhaps not. After all, the turtle fellow did just arrive.

Even if your day didn't start out so fantastic, I hope it got better. I hope it surprised you by being better than you could have hoped.

The future is bright.


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Buon Compleanno!

To the friend I've known the longest,
thanks for being a wonderful friend and gaming buddy!


(Totally not) in response to "Stories no one wants to hear"

My Love posted a little piece in response to my first two SNOWTH posts, among other things:


I was thinking that I should post a response to "Stories Nobody Wants to Hear, parts one and two"; I don't, however, have TSC's storytelling flair. Also I have a much less romantic spin on the whole thing, which would (a) make me look quite callous and naughty, not to mention selfish and impertinent, and (b) make for much less interesting reading anyway. I doubt it would raise my daily blog views much higher than about five per day if I were to blog about how I was simply very interested to kiss a cute white boy, whose arms were big enough to catch me when I was tipsily unsteady at my own birthday party, whose smile was ready and whose eyes were soulful, and with whom I had flirted all night long while my ex-boyfriend-who-wanted-me-back talked to other people three metres away, paying no attention to me. (Or so it appeared.)

I doubt anybody would be interested in reading about the fact that I considered TSC a bit of a player, a one-night stand, good for a kiss and a cuddle and for making the other boy jealous; but something in me that was empty and sad sparked to life when TSC asked me to go on a bush walk. As I kept telling myself, making friends is an important part of life; and so I drove my little car to Bunyip Park, got lost along the way and was angry at my useless navigator, then flirted outrageously with him on the walking track in order to see just how far he was going to go on this with me. Interestingly while he got the hint (how could he not?), he took absolutely no action, which intrigued me and only made me flirt harder ...

... and I guess I blogged it anyway.



I think our story is a beautiful one. It has sad points and difficult points, and points that are probably best not remembered too often, but in everything we've done and been through, God has worked with our mistakes, building us up to better love each other and better serve The One who created us.

*Raises glass*

Here's to many years of growth to come!

I love you, Beautiful One.


Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The big snooze

There's light still? That's odd. Must be dinner time, methinks.


Hmmm... How very odd. I guess not.

After collapsing at 6:30 last night, I awoke this morning to some lovely flowers on the dining table, courtesy of my house mate.

Breakfast had to follow. A salad for lunch yesterday, thanks to Ames, wasn't really enough to get me through.

I pottered around my room tidying (and texting My Love, much to her annoyance- understandable before 6:00am) until the supermarket opened.

Praise God for morning runs and getting work done, for flowers in vases and strawberries in a bowl, for good rest and bacon and eggs!

"I challenge anyone to be less competitive than me..."

Was he being ironic? Thank you, Max Cullen, during this morning's interview. I do enjoy Emma Ayres then Margaret Throsby of a morning. ABC Classic FM and a delicious breakfast. Yum!

Back to work.



Sunday, 24 October 2010

Keep it up...

I made it all the way around the running track thanks to My love's suggestion of Podrunner.


Now, back to uni.

Thanks for the motivation. Thanks for the support, everyone! I don't think I'll have much time to post until after the 24th of November now.

See you on the other side!


Saturday, 23 October 2010

The perfect soundtrack to my morning run

Calmly bringing me into my stride was 'Under the Water' by Clare & The Reasons.

Once my body started saying it wanted to give up, the random playlist found just what I needed: the Gloria from Rheinberger's Mass in Eb major.

When the end was in sight, I got an extra push from 'I'm a Believer'-- The Monkees.

As I power-walked back, it was to the sound of 'Kooks' by David Bowie.

And as my joints and muscles unwound, I still hadn't taken my headphones off. I sat in the lounge room as The Small Faces' version of 'Every Little Bit Hurts' sung in my ears.

Friday, 22 October 2010

It's on.

I'm feeling rather uncomfortable in my skin at the moment. I feel heavy. Normal activities seem more difficult. I want to look good for My Love- she's so beautiful, healthy and fit. I will never be as beautiful as her, but it's time to shape up. It's time to do something about it.

Here's my goal:

I'm going to lose 15kg before Christmas.

The assignments are unrelenting. It's terrifying. I barely have enough time to hand one in and I'm frantically scrambling to get the next one together. Study needs to happen. Exams are approaching.

Here's my goal:

I will do a minimum of 12 solid hours of study per day.

I haven't had time for the most important thing of all. I haven't spent enough time in God's Word. It's something that doesn't take much time, but helps me with every step I take. I need to make sure I'm filling myself up with The Word, so I can draw on it to share with others.

Here's my goal:

I will read and analyse 1 chapter of the Bible every day.

Things will look a little different around here.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Whereby TSC became a sell out.

Yeah, see that blue guy in the sidebar? You guessed it. Sorry, guys.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stories no one wants to hear, pt. II

She was a law student. I watched her cry and I couldn't understand how it could be that in her world of cold analysis and cynicism, a traditional ballad sung by a beardy Irishman could still touch her heart. He crooned passionately through the lyrics and I felt that this could be it. We could work.

Just because the bullet didn't fire this round didn't make the game any less of a dumb idea.

I was frustrated with her bleak outlook and the way she mocked me in front of my friends. She couldn't understand why I would put my trust in a God that made her feel like that- like she wasn't worth it. She didn't want to see her inadequacies as clearly as I saw my own. It was my appreciation of how far short of God's Will I'd fallen that made me ever more grateful for God's Grace on my life. I didn't put her down or criticise her way of life, but when she saw the things I loved, she couldn't help but hate how different we were.

In the end she told me our friendship couldn't work- I made her dislike so much of what she strived for. She didn't want to feel guilty any more. She mocked my dream of a family, and how little importance I placed on having money.

I'd put so much effort into our relationship. Most days ended with exhausted tears. Friends who'd seen our relationship grow, began to stay away. They were afraid there would be another screaming match, or that I'd go off and sook in a corner, bringing everyone down. Some arguments ended with locked doors as we cried ourselves to sleep, taking turns on who would be the one inside the room and who would be slumped against the door, craving resolution. She broke a broom handle on my door, I left crockery embedded in the plaster. In the end, every word was taken as a personal attack.

When we decided to put an end to all the nonsense, we began to function again. There wasn't the same investment so we could converse without tearing each down.

God began to open my eyes to people around me who were fundamentally more compatible- people with the same mild temperament, the same geeky habits and the same desire to seek the Creator. I became aware of how single I was and the learning, growth and fun that was ahead of me. Two girls caught my attention for very different reasons. One had a manner about her that seemed contradictory- there was always a smile, and always a put-down that showed her affection. She wanted to be further along in her spiritual journey before she considered dating.

Her sister is a dear friend of mine, and I was wary of the strain that might occur should we actually become romantically attached. But her sister was cool with it and helped me at every stage.

The other girl was so incredibly strange. She loved picnics in the sunshine and choral music. She was enthusiastic about our friendship, but was far too beautiful for me to believe we could be together. She was accomplished, talented, fit and confident.

And she was after someone else- someone who was nothing like me.

She'd never really been without a boyfriend, and her last relationship was intimidatingly long. I wanted a girl who sought commitment and looked to the future, but not a girl who already had one.

All this time, the law student conspired to help me in my romantic endeavours. She watched as I nervously messaged each girl. She told me her bets were on my friend's sister. It was only later that I realised her choice was made on the basis that one was clearly more intimidating to her.

Then came the camp. “Sex Camp” we called it. Each year our church congregation has a camp where we focus on a major issue that people in our stage of life are dealing with. That year it was relationships. The law student was glad that I'd have the chance on this camp to spend some time with the girl on whom her money was placed. But I had a different idea when I returned. I was glad to be single. I didn't want to chase anyone, and I just wanted to concentrate on study. And this made her very happy, indeed. In fact, when I started dating again, she referenced this often, and how she felt betrayed because I didn't stick to my decision.

But my decision wasn't not to date. It was not to chase. Nothing could prepare me for the excitement of My Love, though. She was that girl who introduced me to her collection of choral masses, and I took her on day trips in the sunshine. With every outing, she dared me to reach out and connect with her- and I was terrified. A girl like her was irreplaceable. If I was to date her, how could I go back to someone who, well, wasn't her?

She was well-read, she sung in the church choir, she bought her clothes from opportunity shops, she didn't wear make-up, she was into comics and the first time I took her out to a party, she wore a lacy, black and purple dress, a lace choker, ornate silver earrings, deep purple lipstick- and she had piercings. Boy, did she have piercings. But there was nothing about them that wasn't stylish. There was no eye-brow ring, no bull-ring, just elegant piercings that made her another dimension removed from any image I had previously constructed of my future love interest. For a time (further down the track) she and I would sport matching dyed patches in our hair.

After that party, I kissed her, and because of that kiss she lost one of her earrings. I returned in the sun light the next day to see if I could find it, and partly to relive the moment.

This girl had captured my attention, so that there was little else I could see. I took the risk. Moreover, I took the invitation she wasn't sure she was giving. I asked her if she'd join me and see where this journey would lead.

The law student was unhappy.

“But you said you weren't going to date! After that camp, you came back all prepared to focus on God, or something. What about that decision?”
“Well, I didn't say I wasn't going to date, I said I wasn't going to chase those two any more. And you were helping me, anyway. What's wrong.”
“I guess one of us had to date first. I was just ready for it to be me.”

One of my biggest fears is losing friends. I don't know why. Every time I've lost a friend, it's felt like a kick in the guts that won't go away.

The law student made me get down on the ground and beg for her friendship. My Love waited until I had a diamond in my hand before I got down on my knees to ask her anything. I still wish we could all hang out together, but there's always so much to be thankful for.

I'm writing this from the train, and my platform's approaching. I enjoy revisiting these places in my memory, so the stories no one else wants to hear will continue. Adieu.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Public transport talk

Sooner or later, we'll know what it means to love everyone around us. Hopefully sooner.

I'm rather good at handling the strange folks that wander the city- my home. It's not as much fun when there's a beautiful girl on my arm. I would hate anything to happen to someone because I mishandled an interaction with a drunk or a trouble-maker.

People just keep walking. People don't want to get involved. Several teenagers sporting black clothes, skinny jeans and eye-liner hopped across the road in front of a tram stop I was waiting at one night. There were businessfolk and students around me. When the youths proceeded to place some traffic cones on the tram tracks in the middle of the street, no one moved a muscle. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Some of the people around me were probably gym junkies, and had nothing to fear from that slender, effeminate bunch. After they popped into the Krispy Kreme across the road, I waited to see what people would do. After 30 seconds of waiting, I couldn't take it. Perhaps no one cared, but I perceived a rise in tension. I walked to the other end of the platform and jumped off the edge. After I rounded up all the traffic cones, I placed them behind a bin.

The tram that everyone was waiting for would have been obstructed and the driver would have had to stop the tram, get out, and collect them all up. People are strange.

Several nights ago, I pulled a (thankfully pleasant) surprise on My love. We'd just been to church on Sunday evening and she was to return home to her beautiful house after what would be a lonesome, 2 hour train trip, then a short drive from the station- but this was the last train back, and likely to be full of undesirables and the like. I managed to pack a spare shirt in my laptop bag, and convinced her that I wanted to do some work on the tram ride back after dropping her at the station, therefore requiring that I bring my laptop along.

We arrived at the station 45 minutes early. After 15 minutes in the waiting room, I professed my need for a latrine. Stepping out into the cold air, I made my way to the ticket office. I proceeded to purchase my ticket and walk back to the waiting room. On the way I was approached by a young woman who inquired as to my name.

“Evan. What's yours?”
“Nice to meet you. Where are you headed?”
“I don't know.”
“That sounds nice. Sometimes it's a good way to be.”
“You have a paedophile beard- Bye~!”
“Okay... Bye...”

And then she turned into the public toilet and I rejoined My Love in the warmth and strangeness of a train station waiting room close to midnight.

A charismatic chap began to rap in the style of Australian hip hop. He'd found a fellow who could beat-box and they joined forces in a genuinely impressive display of rhyme and skill. Once the hip hop artist had throw down a few of his rhymes, the pair began freestyling and the result was, at times, a high quality show for anyone there who wasn't too old or drunk to appreciate it.

With 10 minutes left until the train would depart, we hopped onto the carriage and the rapper and his crew joined us. The conversation flowed and the announcements over the loud speaker went unheard thanks to the vivacious, musical gang seated in front of us.

We caught the last part of an announcement that ended with “...stand clear of the platform.” My Love looked around in a panic.

“It's moving! What'll you do?!”
“I duunno! Hang on let me check...”
“Where will you get off?!”
“Let me see... On no! What's this... In my wallet? A ticket! Wow! Look at that!”
“YOU! You, oh...”

She battered me across the shoulders as I pointed out her huge grin, then she tried to hide.

I'm glad you enjoyed that surprise, My Love.


The rapper and his crew developed a system to ensure their partying would continue unhindered. Knowing the rules about drinking alcohol on public transport, the group used a safety word, "Kwhiskey", to alert their comrades of a patrolling conductor.

One of them (who had been too drunk to purchase a ticket) asked if he could buy our water bottle, assuming that it would of course be filled with vodka. Upon realising he was without a pass, he proceeded to hide under the seats as the conductor came to check tickets. Despite his inability to keep his legs from sticking out, he managed to avoid having his ticket checked. My guess it that it would have been too much hassle for the conductor to bust him.

All in all, it was an entertaining train ride.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Stories no one wants to hear, pt. I

She was vibrant, earthy and joyful. I remember her, preening in a corner. She knew our eyes were on her, and she loved it. She didn't have any make-up on. She wore a long-sleeve shirt with horizontal stripes and jeans.

That night I was maintaining a tiresome charade for my ex-girlfriend. She didn't want anyone to know we'd broken up. She made me wait several months before I was allowed to tell people we were dating. In a misguided attempt to avoid becoming the latest piece of gossip, she deemed it a clever idea to do the same thing coming out of the relationship.

I had little patience for this. I wasn't very good at holding up this fantasy, and I wanted to get a better handle on loving her in a way that was healthy.

She asked a lot of me that night, and I responded with disgruntled murmurs. The shining light in the corner could see how I was acting with my "girlfriend". She later reported to her ex-boyfriend that I certainly didn't treat my girlfriends well. Somehow this didn't put her off me. She really does have terrible taste, praise God.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

How did I not see the similarities earlier?

Edit: If the following topics don't interest you, head down the bottom. I promise the (not)chickens are cute.

I saw a production of The Sound of Music last night - my youngest sister was in the chorus - and apart from being really enjoyable, it reminded me of how strangely similar The Sound of Music is to the Korean drama, You're Beautiful. They have a lot in common, although one has Nazis and the other has cross-dressing and a boy band.

Here's a comparison. To make things easier, I've put any significant differences in bold.

Also a warning:


YB: A story of a nun-in-training in training who is always late and daydreaming.
TSoM: A story of a nun-in-training in training who is always late and daydreaming.

YB: She is called away to join an unorthodox "family" in a world with which she has had no experience.
TSoM: She is sent away to join an unorthodox family in a world with which she has had no experience.

YB: The girl finds a connection with each member of the family and gets the best out of them.
TSoM: The girl finds a connection with each member of the family and gets the best out of them.

YB: The "family" is lead by a strict and usually prickly character.
TSoM: The family is lead by a strict and usually prickly character.

YB: The girl runs back to the abbey and confides in the abbess, asking to return to her former life for good.
TSoM: The girl runs back to the abbey and confides in the abbess, asking to return to her former life for good.

YB: There is a money-grabbing character who is close to the "family", but not part of it who offers some comic relief.
TSoM: There is a money-minded character who is close to the family, but not part of it who offers some comic relief.

YB: The abbess tells the girl that her new life might be the will of God, and that she shouldn't discount it, even though it isn't the life in the abbey that she'd previously aspired to. The abbess also tells her not to run from her problems and not to use the abbey as an escape.
TSoM: The abbess tells the girl that her new life might be the will of God, and that she shouldn't discount it, even though it isn't the life in the abbey that she'd previously aspired to. The abbess also tells her not to run from her problems and not to use the abbey as an escape.

YB: The girl returns and faces up to her romantic attachment to the head of the "family".
TSoM: The girl returns and faces up to her romantic attachment to the head of the family.

YB: The girl leaves for Africa to do aid work, with the promise to return to be with her new partner.
TSoM: The family escape together from the Nazis across the Swiss border to safety.

Well, it was pretty close up until the end.

Have a great week,


Saturday, 9 October 2010

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Banana, carrot and sultana

Using essentially the same recipe as last time, I decided to bake a cake for My Love. It was a banana-carrot-sultana cake this time around. I think it turned out rather well, although possibly a little more suited to my sweet tooth.

Next time I bake a cake, it's probably better if you just turn your head while I'm adding the sugar, My Love.

Have a good time examining tonight.


P.S. Notice her beautiful platter and lovely new coffee table?

P.P.S. I better get back to work and stop doodling...

Something new,

and uncontrollable.

Yet at once familiar.

Lucas felt the energy pouring out of his mind, through his body- a terrible, powerful force. But it was also bright and pure.

Since the meeting with the Magypsy, it had been as if a new part of himself had been set free. And this hidden power fed on the hope and support of those around him, but could never be extinguished.

Lucas had spent too long mourning the loss of his mother, Hinawa. It was time to set things right and save what he could of the world before it mutated beyond repair.

The growing darkness would have to face a new threat-

PK Love.

MOTHER 3 game and scenario are copyright SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No, thank you.

It was my pleasure, My Love.

I had a really great night last night. Thanks for letting me loose on your kitchen.

Any chance you could send me photos of my second experiment cake? I think it was a success.

Soon we'll breakfast together every morning, and go for long walks in the evening.

You're right- without television I could have done a lot more with my evenings.

Lots of love,

Yours, always,


P.S. Mostly this was an excuse to include another (not)chicken.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Care to join me?

Swing Let's Swing - The Lucky strikes

Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing

Once upon a time I thought that life would be
Hard for me
No bells were ringing
That's about the time I found just what was wrong
Life's a song
And we can swing, let's swing

And when you hear that beating
Go stop your leaning
Against the wall
That's all

You care to join me on that big dance floor?
You'll find much more
Come on and swing, let's swing

And when you hear that beating
You'll stop your leaning
Against the wall
That's all

You care to join me on that big dance floor?
You'll find much more
Come on and swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing
Swing, let's swing

Apparently those lyrics don't exist anywhere else on the net. Unless Google just hasn't found them yet. I had fun scribbling that pic of Kumatora and Duster hittin' the dance floor. Here's the original. You can see the pixel-based inspiration (courtesy of Nintendo and Shigesato Itoi) up the top of the post, to the right of the heading. The colours might be a little intense, but... Meh.

Off to class I go!



MOTHER 3 game and scenario are copyright SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo

Monday, 4 October 2010

Porky Karaoke

Evil, time-travelling bullies from next door gotta party too, y'know.

MOTHER 3 game and scenario are copyright SHIGESATO ITOI and Nintendo

Here's my experimental banana-caramel-yoghurt cake

First I added and boiled:

1 cup water
1.25 cups sugar
150g butter
0.5 tsp bicarb soda

While I allowed this sugary, butter water to cool, I added the following ingredients into a blender:

2 bananas
100 mL plain yoghurt
1 cup caramel topping

I stirred in this mix to the butter water, along with:

2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
1.5 cups self-raising flour

Making sure that the oven was preheated (because the mixture looked very likely to separate at any moment) I popped it in for about 40 minutes on 190 (Celsius).

Although our oven is rubbish...

And there you have it. An experiment that worked! Also- Happy Birthday, Liz! Sorry for experimenting with your birthday cake...

Much love,


P.S. Thanks for taking away the blues, My Love. Now I don't look so much like this:

Sunday, 3 October 2010

A pointless debate

I am of course referring to the "games as art" debate. I strongly suggest you check out this fantastic article, which might open your eyes to where things are at. If all you see is the advertising on TV and bus stops, you might feel that very little exists outside juvenile, mass market shovelware. What happens when an artist or a philosopher takes the helm of creative design?

Mother 3. That's what.

If games are to be considered as a medium of artistic expression, then technology and marketing isn't nearly as important as having an artist in control.

Enjoy the sun, fellow Melbournians.

Lots of love,

Ais Kacang

When I join you, I'll fill the garden beds with flowers and the veggie patch with all manner of delicious herbs and vegetables.

Also- Assam Laksa then Ais Kacang. Delicious. But not in the garden beds.


Edit: Can I just direct people to take a gander at this amazing feast by a blog buddy and her boy? Friggin' wow. I just baked an experimental caramel, banana, yoghurt cake and I'm inspired to make more!

...After my assignments...

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I appreciate it