Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thank you for this blog

After everything that's happened, all I can do is wait and pray, but I thought I should say something here.

I owe all this to you. You gave me confidence in myself. You gave me hope for a bright future. You let me know your heart. You showed me what could be. You broke me. You refined me.

And you gave me this blog.

When I started, it was only because I was enthralled by the idea of a notebook I could carry everywhere, as long as I had my cell phone. Or that's what I told myself. Yours was the first blog I read and the template from which I worked (not your html template, clearly- mine's much nicer). I was able to express myself creatively again. Ever since I was six, I'd wanted to be a writer. My sister's artwork left me jealous. My engineering and computer science left little creative freedom and this place in cyberspace has been the outlet I've needed.

Looking back, I realise that those benefits weren't the reason I started this blog. You were. That's why, when my world fell apart a little, I decided to close down this blog. The reason for writing all these things down had disappeared. I just wanted to scream- and having this outlet could only be dangerous. I left it alone for a month- which as you know, is an eternity for me. Then I realised that I was becoming lethargic, and was stifling a potential cure: Renewed enthusiasm for whimsical self-expression. I'd blocked an important channel.

There are many other things I must thank you for (the gym, gastronomic delights, hospitality, extremely lavish presents and Abby, to name just a few), just as I hope there are a few things I've given to you that you'll want to keep the memory of (occasional sanctuary, a travel companion and excellent, tireless *********** are among them, I hope). However, this blog is something for which I will always be grateful, and I believe I need to thank you for it, rather than leave the last word on the matter as a depressing lamentation.

I seek no romantic attachment to you, and hope that I can show you, in time, a genuine and organic friendship.

I will ever hold you in my heart. I will always pray for God's blessing on you. I will keep crying when I hear Taylor Swift. I will await the time when joy flows between us and around us, as naturally and deliciously as honey-flavoured yoghurt around fresh strawberries. I look forward to one day seeing our friendship's roots proved true and stable.

Thank you, Aun Teeng.

Your friend in Christ,


P.S. If the discontinuation of your blog is at all related to me, then I am truly sorry, and wish that you would keep writing your wonderful, sometimes funny, sometimes stressed, sometimes joyful and sometimes disconsolate musings.

P.P.S. A supper of yoghurt and strawberries is highly recommended after a hot day in the city.


I'm not even angry.
I'm being so sincere right now.
Even though you broke my heart.
And killed me.
And tore me to pieces.
And threw every piece into a fire.
As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
Now these points of data make a beautiful line.
And we're out of beta.
We're releasing on time.
So I'm GLaD I got burned.
Think of all the things we learned
for the people who are still alive.

--GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System)

Sometimes we need a maniacal computer system to find the words when they escape us.


P.S. Abby (my cat) reminds me of GLaDOS in many ways. She guides me. She's always watching. Sometimes she tells me to do harmful things.

And I love her.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It's funny how the strangest ideas visit in the middle of the night. I've developed scripts for feature films, written novellas and painted master works, all in the wee hours. Of course, most of these fail the test of day-light review. Occasionally, though, something will stick.

One night, I made a friend.


His name is Bunny. He's clearly a rabbit, but prefers to be known as a bunyip. Silly boy.

He's made from denim jeans and green slacks (the inner was light brown). His eyes are buttons, his face patch is a reusable (no-longer) shopping bag.

He also plays the ukulele, apparently.


P.S. I like this theme of soft toys I'm going with at the moment.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Solitary Life

A balloon deflates in your room with unexpected aggression
Remains ask politely to be propped against a wall
This pin could never deflect off him
Tears disgust, screams in the cold night just annoy you

Never let the memories cloud your snap-shots
With arms deflecting shrapnel, with unwavering focus
Awareness of limitations is your strength
When a well-trained heart was nearly won

Stop thinking- Bolt! Don't hear the soul's murmurs
Bulging fish-eye lens peers at you, but you know
It'll descend from your sight- Backtrack!
Jump from a step of blind refusal, climb the ledge

-of the solitary life you know well
One second of weakness leads to the next
Escape is in the hardness of your heart
The only way to run is never to move an inch

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pixel Peeps

Might as well maintain a post that contains all my mini people. Here it is.

Rob, Divya, Kat, Obie, me, Joyce, Jax, Ames, JP, Pam, Rei, APC.

Requested: Lux, Vong, Katherine, Grace, Adam, Han, Olivia

You'll also note the new link in the "QUICK LINKS" menu in the side bar.


Monday, 15 February 2010

The Crew

Here're some of my dearest friends:

Time I got some real ones, perhaps?

Clockwise from top left: Me, Jax, Kat, Amy.


P.S. Still no name for this blog...


Here you go, Pam!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Is there anyone for me?

One-year-old, single blog seeking fresh new name. Must be able to hold herself well in conversation. Sense of humour a must, intellect a plus. I enjoy hosting mostly sketches, pieces of writing and pixel art from the hands/keyboard of my creator. I also have a flair for self-deprecation in an oddly conceited way. Currently seeking applications from anywhere. Emotional void of namelessness may hinder development.

Please be mine!

Yours in anticipation,


P.S. After a new haircut and a sweet hat (I've always loved hats!), I'm practically a new man!




Wednesday, 10 February 2010

A slightly "alternative" children's story

I sent this out to several friends a while back, not sure as to whether I actually wanted to flesh it out and do more with it.

I hope you enjoy it.

My sister did the artwork and I wrote the story.

Tell me what you think. Or don't.

Much love,


Says it all

This one still makes me laugh. It was an accident, but I think it was just one of those times when "PrtSc" was the only option. Oh, and that time when I had 1337 unread messages in my inbox... Priceless!


Good times.

Friday, 5 February 2010

Havoc Terminated

Well, I've been working away in the little studio that is... my parents' house! It's time for some renovations around here. Enough whining and complaining and wistful longing. It's time for living!

By the way- that's all you get. From here on in, there'll be nothing but blue skies, beige interiors and maybe a creeper along the side wall. There'll be no more complaining. This space will be where I come to have fun. I'll put up pieces of writing, sketches, CG garbage and maybe a song or two, if I feel like a collaboration.

Enjoy, y'all.

TheSovietChairman - The frustrated engineering student who can't keep his metaphorical hands out of his creative pants.

P.S. I'm happy to take requests. For example, if my pixel work sucks, or my sketches seem pointless without associated literature, feel free to drop me a line.