Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bap bah~!

Do doo do doo do doo!

Apart from having NSMBW music stuck in my head, I've also got a lot of good stuff happening there. After morning prayers, it's time to face the day. Or sleep. Yeah, sleep turned out to be a pretty good option. Then class! Or gym. OK, gym. You win.

Yesterday my project team recorded the fastest time for our balloon-powered car. One other was able to beat ours, but only after the allotted 3 trials. I have to say that it was ALL down to my team mates. I did very little in the way of designing the car (read: nothing), but I'm very happy to whip up a sweet project report- although I was very silly and thought the report was due yesterday. Whoops. It ain't due for weeks...

I feel compelled to express my disappointment in a few areas, though. I really wish there was something to be done about some of my relationships. One dear friend seems to not know whether I'm genuine, or otherwise. I thought we were isolated from issues like that, like there was something special that couldn't disrupt us. Together we were a team. It's been good to have such a special person share the journey. I just can't help be a little disappointed. She's still amazing. I'm thinking that because there is no "us" we should be able to focus on the external.

Another dear friend has decided that her life would be better without contact with me. I've had several months of on-again, off-again attacks, etc. Damn it, I love her to bits, though. I love her enthusiasm (which seems to be lessened at the moment). I love her prattle and way with words. I love her cooking. I love her heart when she lets me see it. I can't think of anything nicer than spending an afternoon bike riding with her.

I pray that can happen again.

Not much is as worthwhile as a bike ride with her. And I'd love to see her teach BODYSTEP one day. I wonder if she'd accept an Easter present from me? Meh, I might just leave one outside her door, without a name. She doesn't read this blog any more (so says Google Analytics) so I think I can safely type out my plan.

Most of all, I pray she keeps finding joy in beebee birdies and singing and jumping about in front of a sweaty gym class in lovely Lululemon.

I best be showered, etc. I've got BODYBALANCE after lunch.

Bah! Bah! Bah!


P.S. I'd really like some tips on layout, etc. What do people like? What don't you like?

Monday, 29 March 2010


Superhappyfuntimes~! That's another name for BODYSTEP, then Cardio Box. Wow. It's such a high. My muscles hurt less, but are throbbing more. Tomorrow morning is BODYPUMP. Rock! Tonight is a huge assignment, the majority of which shouldn't be too difficult.

I had a great doppio espresso with Jamsay. And whatever that little fruit mince filled finger thing was. Yummerz.

Thanks, Sis, for the first gym session, and thanks, Divya, Rob and Azeeza for the second. See you tomorrow at 7:00am sharp!

Thanks to my good friends for your support. I'll be out of it for a while, I imagine. Until I get back on my feet, it's gym, gym, study, gym, gym! Don't worry, I'm doing only the recommended maximum. I'm playing it safe.

Bring the endorphins!


P.S. I love how I'm the only one who wears nail polish to the Cardio Box class, and I'm the only "male" in the entire BODYSTEP class!

I miss you

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bring us together, Lord

Church was good tonight. Church was great tonight. Make up your mind.

We looked at Ephesians again, and how we must become one family, all the brothers and sisters in Christ. Jew, gentile, Aussie, European, African, Asian, American, whatever continent you come from. I was chatting with a guy from Malaysia. D-. Great guy. He has a great sense on humour and the ability to laugh at himself, his situation and his heritage.

I asked where he came from within Malaysia, and he hinted that it probably wouldn't mean much to me. I informed him otherwise, as my last girlfriend was (is still, I guess) Malaysian and I have an abundance of Malaysian friends. He was very surprised and told me he was from PJ. He then asked a rather odd question.

D- asked, "Why did you choose to go out with a Malaysian girl?"

I was stuck. I stuttered and stammered. I came up with reasons like: We both enjoy a lot of the same things and we're both followers of Jesus and... I trailed off. I finished with, "Err... We have a lot in common."

"So you're also a money-grabbing, gold-digger who's unaffectionate?" he asked.

I stopped dead. I laughed. He laughed.

"It's all right. It's the stereotype, yes? A lot of them are that way," D- chuckled.

"Well, she's not like that. She's lovely most of the time. She loves to cook. She's a doctor."

"And why do you think she's a doctor?"

"No, no. It's not like that."

"In Malaysian families you're told you can be whatever you want; a doctor or a lawyer."

"Yes, it's very often the case," I laughed.

I like D-. I think he may have flinched at my nail polish, though.

I pray that we can put aside cultural differences and truly be united in Christ.



Assam indeed

It's just incredible how a walk through the museum and a big bowl of assam laksa can fix a lot of issues. Thanks for the walk, the food and the company.

It's also good when you just wanna shove your head in a big bowl of boiling hot liquid. Try eating it instead, though. The tamarind and pineapple goodness will sooth, guaranteed. I will keep praying and waiting and hoping.

Time for an afternoon nap!


You said it, War

Or more accurately, you posed the question.

My gym session today was excruciating. Just really painful. My muscles hadn't healed from the last BODYPUMP class. Ouch. Even though I knew I'd need a shower immediately after, I still maintain I needed one before, as well. The following image may not be used as a torture device, and is only to illustrate a point.

My hair won't behave. My eyes won't open all the way. Nothing works without a shower.

After having insults flung at me this morning, I'm a little over playing nice. I'm always friendly. I'm always looking out for your interests. I'm certainly not always particularly perceptive to that end, but I keep trying and improving. However, I get a little tired of the accusations, and, well, frankly, being told off like I'm a child.

The gym should have been a good outlet for the tension, but instead I received your message only when it was too late. I was already a tired wreck, not willing to put up with it any longer. You'd keep more friends if you stopped abusing the ones who genuinely care about you. And I'm talking, right down to your soul. None of this Oh, we go shopping together, have lunch together, or just get sweaty together, but I couldn't care what happens to you frankly type friends you surround yourself with.

Shake off this syndromic crap you've developed by living alone for too long. As Tom Cruise would say, Put your manners back in.

Goodness. I apologise for the rant, people.

In returning to my title, why can't we be friends?


P.S. No, seriously. My apologies, Peeps.


Saturday, 27 March 2010

Not pregnant, just really full

All's well that ends well.

And that's what today did. It got a little rocky, but overall I was rather happy with how it progressed. I enjoyed some entertaining, British wit, a few laps around the track, all in the lush new surroundings of a friend's new place. He showed me some of the pieces he has to sing. Ah, that brings back memories.

After returning home for an extended nap, I was messaged while attempting to take an evening stroll. This message resulted in a most pleasant evening of lovely company. Oh, and Mexican food. What better combination?

And now, after too many dumplings with chilli and black bean sauce for lunch, and too many tacos and nachos for dinner, I'm feeling unreasonably bloated and... rather happy. Happy is a good word to describe what I'm feeling.

I hope studying went well for some, and dragon movies went well for others.



Shirt, gym, hangin' with Kim. It was good to chill out for a while, and explore the boutique shops that litter this area of the city. I bought a sweet T and Kim and I both picked up some albums. Here's the design on my shirt:

The yellow bits are felt. Mmmm... Fun to touch...

This Friday's CONNECT was fantastic. There was an abundance of Easter eggs and some great, Christian fellowship. We watched a new DVD by John Dickson which looked at some interesting historical facts surrounding the time of Jesus' execution. It examined the political reasons which brought him to the cross, as well as Christ's purpose for using the symbolism of the Passover to coincide with his death. It was quite interesting to be reminded that essentially, Christians have turned a symbol of death into a symbol of hope- wearing a cross as jewellery would be the equivalent of wearing a miniature electric chair around one's neck, without the significance of Jesus' purpose in the world.

In honour of this, we gorged ourselves on chocolate. Makes sense, right? Nah, it was a good, thought-provoking night.

Afterwards I joined the Kardinia reunion/bar hop. I chained my bike to what I thought was a permanent street fixture. Turns out it wasn't. Simple as that. I live just off Lygon, where many restaurants have permanent outdoor sections, cordoned off, with the tables and chairs being taken in at the end of the day. On Victoria St. this isn't so. My bike's lock was cut and thrown out (irrelevant really, after being cut), and my bike was tossed in the alley beside the shop. when I enquired about the bike, being very apologetic and explaining my misunderstanding concerning the nature of their store front, I was rudely told that I was an idiot, and that everybody knows those barriers are temporary. I was also informed, with a smirk, that my bike lock had been destroyed, in rather vulgar language. Completely understandable actions on the part of the guys packing up, but to be humiliated and attacked didn't feel too good.

Ah, well. At the end of it all, I'm well ready for bed. Or at least to post this, then hit the hay. Here's me at the end of it all. If I look a little flushed, it's on account of the temperature tonight. It sure is warm. If my eyes look a little smoky, it's because a friend offered to do my eye-liner. How could I resist?

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Excuse the shirtlessness- it's all but hidden. It's just really warm in here, and I wanted to post before bed.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Blank comic

Thursday, 25 March 2010


If I go to school today,
I'll have to do my sums
And when I'm adding five plus five
I forget to count my thumbs.

But I can't go to school today
with nothing in my tum
If I don't have my breakkie,
I won't have to do my sums

But Dad says if I'm out of bed,
then breakfast time's afoot
If getting up's the problem,
me and Teddy should stay put

But Mum says when it's light outside,
I must be out of bed,
I can't stay here and dream that
I'm the principal instead

The moral of the story is
I can't have any fun,
As surely as the sun comes up,
I'll have to do my sums

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

That last post was ironic,

Just in case you were wondering. It was a humourous response to an interesting conversation.

Try not to let Laura Marling get you down. You're most certainly anything but a failure.


Think of me, think of me fondly

I want you to remember me. In my ideal world, you'd wake up scared. You'd think of my helpless form, crushed against the weight of abandonment and betrayal. Now everything has been poured out of me, into you, only brittle fragments remain. Without my life's vessel, a tortured, bitter soul screams. These thoughts should devour you.

I'm standing out in the cold. Wait. The air should be warm. These shivers were born of cursed images; of thoughtless acts of vandalism on the life I'd been promised, of senseless, self-destructive anger, ripping at the threads of my psyche.

You saw who I was. Who am I now? You don't just break hearts. You tainted me, accepted me, looked deep within me, then laughed at how far I'd fallen. My arms were outstretched, but you were able to walk away in a selfish act of self-preservation.

In my world, you'd never find an hour, a minute, a second, where thoughts of me didn't leave you weak.

Because I will never shake these thoughts of you.

Edit: This post was ironic, after a long discussion that resulted in the conclusion that all my friend's fears were unfounded. I really needed to explain that. Too many people were commenting in person and hadn't read the comments.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Down time

Waking up wasn't what my body really wanted to do. I had a rewarding chat with my dear friend last night, as she drove home in the car. I'm glad she got back safely, after her busy weekend.

I was woken by a lovely messenger, bringing smiles and hope and love. That was positively wonderful. Sadly, it had to end, and I was left to find my own energy. This cold is annoying.

This evening I trekked down the street and had dinner by myself at MyCube on Lygon. I had the Char Kuey Teow, Pandan Ninja and a Tiger beer.

My nails matched my beer.

The Char Kuey Teow was delicious. The waitress asked me how spicy I wanted it. I said, "Very spicy," to which she responded with, "Ah, you mean Asian spicy."

After hearing that another pal was going to see them here in Melbourne, and with me not rich enough to go to their gig, I did what I had to-- I bought an album of theirs.

It was great to take in the world for a moment without filling it with people to talk to and study and energy. I was able to get some good relaxation.

I hope the conversations do continue. I hope hearts rest easy. I hope English teachers behave themselves. I hope you all smile.



Sunday, 21 March 2010


A different angle gave a different perspective. I lay across several stairs and just inhaled the dust from the old carpet.

The scent focused me in on the time and space in which I was existing, like a hug from a friend after a long cry. I took stock of everything. I didn't move. I felt my shin throb. The pain was then joined by the pang of unachieved deadlines and weak moments, where pleas went unanswered in the dark.

I raised my head to see light from the street lamps falling across the tattered chair, at the turning point of the staircase. I didn't stand. I pulled myself level with the armchair, then poured my body into it's lap. It smelled the same as the carpet. Perching, looking out over the street, I saw the housing commission flats and the congregation's departure as the restaurant-goers arrived.

I spun around slowly, then slumped. With my back to the window, I surveyed the final leg of my journey. Two arms either side of me- I pushed mine off the chair's and stood up. I needed sleep. I needed human company.

But not nearly as much as I needed to be free from such needs.


Some days are like this.

Other days are like this.

Today ended up like this.

I'd like to say sorry to everyone I annoyed or let down this weekend. Just my turn, I guess.


Friday, 19 March 2010

An evening of guy love

I'm glad I have close friendships and people around me who look out for my mental health. It really does help. For all the mental instability caused by friendships that go awry (I will always pray that they can be renewed), there are so many that lift me up and show me how living with such a community around me is a blessing.

After a lovely dinner of Sichuan Chicken, Spicy Beef Strips, Fish Flavoured Chilli Eggplant, we wandered back to the city, and I cooled off with butterscotch milkshake. Some of the guys departed, and after some revitalising hugs and reaffirmation of love and support, we proceeded to watch Cop Out, unaware of its heavily guy love themed plot.

Cop Out is a return to the classic formula for cop movies. Two police partners are suspended and have to do things off the record and make everything square again. Everything runs as you'd expect, as scary gangs get involved and the pair find themselves in the middle of something heavy.

But underneath the cliché, there is an entertaining take on relationships and, well...

...guy love.


P.S. Guys, girls, we're all people. Let's hug it out.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I'll just wait here then.

Don't forget me.


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I got lots of it.

Not the kind that comes in tins, either. I had to trawl through my old posts and remove lovely new comments that had appeared. They all contained links which lead to *ahem* severe inappropriateness.


P.S. I really do like this new pen!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Street fighter. That's right.

It's rather odd to have someone else's graduation photo smiling at me, from the side of my desk. It would make sense if it belonged to my daughter or son. But it doesn't. It belongs to a dear friend. And she looks really happy. It's not a I'm-posing-for-my-grad-photo kind of smile, either. It's a wow-this-is-really-just-too-much-I'm-going-to-explode-in-a-burst-of-graduate-juice kinda smile. I picked up the photo for her when it was ready. She'll grab it off me some time.

My sleep pattern is still set to party mode. Around 4:00pm I flop to the floor like my bones have evaporated. Around 2:00am I'm ready to hit the streets, nail polish and all. Some think I wear nail polish because I'm just a rather effeminate guy. Ignore the cute pictures of birdies and the blinding flashes of colour that adorn these finger tips. I'm the world's greatest street fighter, Baby.

You think these are 'cause I wanna look pretty? Well, they are. But you watch me sidle up to some guy outside a strip club on King Street and I'll work my magic. Just one "Hey, Cutie" from me, and his bulging, tatt-covered arms'll start swinging.

I'm a lean, mean, arse-kicking machine!

On the other hand, Bible study went well this week. It was really good to have a look at Paul's example of what prayer can be like, when we truly practice loving the community around us as God intended.

I'm not sure what to make of this sudden burst of old-fashioned, personal-update style blogging. Meh. You'll drink whatever I bring. Heck most of you are students, so you'd probably settle for goon.


Sunday, 14 March 2010


What do you think of the new blog title?

Early morning hymns

Hopefully, enthusiastically, gently, the congregation wakes me amidst the piles of clothes and books strewn around my room. It's always nice to hear their voices raised in worship. I'm reminded that this isn't just my space. For the last three years this house has been a sanctuary for me. Now I live in it, I have to remember its communal nature. Even when others aren't present within my walls, I need only listen to the band rehearsing next door to be reminded that this house is a blessing. And not just for me.

I hope you'll visit me here. I don't wanna advertise, but we have a spare room if anyone wants to crash in the city. It will remain a spare room, but visitors are most welcome. I love surrounding myself with people. This place lets me entertain far better than my room at college did.

I'm such a social creature. Last night, a friend asked me if I ever spend days alone. I try not to. Usually if there's no one around (I can't recall that happening in recent history) then I'll hang out with Samus Aran, or Amaterasu. You know, whoever wants to hang.


P.S. I found this particularly interesting. It summarises some of the themes of the Mother games rather well.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Do something different

That's what I'm trying to do. Of late, I've done my hair with a hat. Today I used wax and hair spray. Recently I've been skipping breakfast and over-indulging, come lunch time. Today I stole some of my house mate's cereal and had a big glass of orange juice. Over the last little while I've let my room get beyond a reasonable state of messiness. Today isn't any different, actually.

I'm looking forward to the graduation ceremony. It's not mine. I wish it were. I'm still glad to attend.


Friday, 12 March 2010

A little chilly

My asthma's been playing up... Grrr... I think it's the cold night air. I've been sleeping with the windows open and waking up in the night short of breath.

More importantly however, I'm getting closer to a colour scheme I'm happy with for the header, although the current one feels a little chilly. The birdies do look happier in this environment.

As the sun has disappeared, on and off, people are working in reverse. Old acquaintances are thawing, the start of the scholastic year brings budding new friendships and my close friends have circled around-- possibly to huddle against the sudden cold.

There's something tragic about blogging about the process of blogging (i.e. talking about a new header, new colour scheme, etc.). It's probably even worse to blog about blogging about the process of blogging.

Ah, well. C'est la vie.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Curiouser and curiouser!

I liked it. The people I saw it with thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway, that's beside the point.

However, it's fair to say that I found Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to be very entertaining. Moving on.

"What's with the new header?" I hear you ask. "Why is it so colourful?" "What's the significance of the coloured blocks and the flower crab claw?" "Why are there badly drawn avian creatures roaming about the place?" "I'm not asking these questions. I couldn't care less. Why are you putting words in my mouth?"

These are all valid questions. I will try and answer them.

I'll start with the chicken-things. I like badly drawn animals. They're cuter than their straight-edged, nine-to-five, desk-job brethren. Moreover they're easier and more fun to draw. And these guys are friendly. As this is my space I want to keep it friendly. Especially since that crab claw's making people nervous.

The crab claw. Well, I have several at home. I like them. I live at the beach. And I like nature. And I like the absurd. Nuff said?

The coloured blocks are representative of my... "enthusiasm" for the medium of video games. The number and colours are insignificant.

I have received some criticism about the sudden increase in colour on this web page. I've made up a couple of different versions of the header (below), and if one is obviously an improvement, I'd appreciate some input on the matter.

Of course, if the whole thing's just rubbish, feel free to break my little heart. There's a commenting facility for a reason.



P.S. Please tell me what you think of the colours, etc.

P.P.S. I realise now that the header says nothing of my love of reading or my Saviour, Jesus. Ah, well. Truth be told, I was just randomly sketching in my sketchbook and came up with that crap.

P.P.P.S. Thanks, Eric, for the gardener theme. I'm still working on a title. More ideas would still be appreciated.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Out with the old, but still waiting...

Goodbye, temporary header. Soon you'll be replaced. But I'll remember you.


P.S. I might try and explain the new one, soon. Probably not.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Introduction malfunction

"Let's just be friends!"

"Why can't we ever just have a normal night out?!"

"Was it you, that time on the Snuggle Couch? That wasn't you? Hey, that's cool... I don't remember it either."

Those are my top three things to say the first time I meet someone. I also like to respond to, "Nice to meet you," with a straight-faced, "Cut the crap! I'm sick of your lies!"

TheSovietChairman (is really tired. Excuse my silliness.)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Honey, I'm home.

The smells of tuna and bacon and tomato juice and yoghurt and Limoncello and soy sauce and deodorant pervade the air.
Creaking boards and dusty spaces and grooves in benches all add charm.
One CD player in the kitchen-- a sound system in each room. Turin Breaks battles with Antony and the Johnsons. Jamie Cullum defeats silent meditation.
Church band practise devours Sunday morning sleep-ins.
Honey, I'm home.
Honeys, I'm home?
Welcome to Share House.

There's a bear in there
And a chair as well
There are people with games
And stories to tell
Open wide, come inside
It's Play School.

Review of The Vic:
Good friends, great facilities, nurturing environment, a few stains, God's great Love.
Five stars.


P.S. For any college students who want to enjoy some great desserts and hang out here at The Vic (the house attached to the back of St. Jude's, Carlton), come along to CONNECT this week. It starts 7:30pm this Friday (tomorrow). The theme is "SWEET as!"

I hope some of you can make it!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The boy who killed a fox

I was trying my hand at some more illustrations-- in a different style this time.

You can read my "story" here.

Not so much a story, as an excuse to do some scribbles.

Have fun!


P.S. The images display better, and the text is easier to read if you download the pdf.