Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Stories no one wants to hear, pt. I

She was vibrant, earthy and joyful. I remember her, preening in a corner. She knew our eyes were on her, and she loved it. She didn't have any make-up on. She wore a long-sleeve shirt with horizontal stripes and jeans.

That night I was maintaining a tiresome charade for my ex-girlfriend. She didn't want anyone to know we'd broken up. She made me wait several months before I was allowed to tell people we were dating. In a misguided attempt to avoid becoming the latest piece of gossip, she deemed it a clever idea to do the same thing coming out of the relationship.

I had little patience for this. I wasn't very good at holding up this fantasy, and I wanted to get a better handle on loving her in a way that was healthy.

She asked a lot of me that night, and I responded with disgruntled murmurs. The shining light in the corner could see how I was acting with my "girlfriend". She later reported to her ex-boyfriend that I certainly didn't treat my girlfriends well. Somehow this didn't put her off me. She really does have terrible taste, praise God.


  1. Well it made me smile :)
    I don't mind listening, do post more. It's beautiful.

  2. And you have terribly typing.
    Preening, indeed ... attention loving, indeed ... humph!

  3. Your confidence is so wonderful, My Love.

    Is my typing really so bad?

  4. Oh! I see it!

    *Changes "terribly" to "terrible"*

    Even after you put the typo in your comment, I still couldn't see it.

    Silly me.

    Thanks, Melo-man. I'm glad you like it :). Now that fb keeps showing me old photos "I might remember", it's very hard not to pour out what I'm thinking.

    Our story has some nice moments. And the dark moments only act to enhance the glow of the glorious ones.

  5. Awww.. true love :)

    Incidentally, the roast pork belly recipe you requested is up :)