Monday, 31 August 2009

Well, that was rubbish

Pretty much everyone gave up. Most people were useless. One boy reached out to me. Thanks for the hugs, JD.

I was immature this afternoon. I said some (completely justified) words, but forgot to do it out of earshot of the sister.

Oh, well. If she doesn't want to talk to me, then she's not worth it. Her sister is being stupid and petty and I'm not gonna lie and try and smile, when someone's going out of their way to make things painful for me.

EDIT: That was confusing... Who's the sister and.. what? Look, the one who is annoying is being annoying and her sister isn't. That being said, I haven't heard from Miss Nasty's sis in a few days, so we'll see...


P.S. More hugs would be appreciated...


  1. Thanks :). Apologise again to Dan for me.

  2. *hugs*

    p.s. I hope its not who I think it is.

  3. Thank you, Amy, Jax, Jups. And yes. It is indeed that stain on society. She delights in my suffering. She truly does.

    P.S. Thank you also for the kind message this morning and the (as always) offer of help that went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so very much, Dan.