Saturday, 9 April 2011

No, seriously. I'm working on it.

Here are some more (not)chickens as proof.


  1. Can I squeeze that butterfly not chicken? SOCUTE.

    Also, I had a dream with you last night. You came to the states and I was driving you around showing you things. It was your first night here and I had planned to show you the Japanese gardens and the coral castle during your trip, but that night we decided just to go to the mall.

    I kept losing things while we were out, that ended up being right where I left them. Like I thought I lost my cell phone, but it was in my pocket. I thought I lost my keys, but it was in my purse, etc.

    Weird, right? Sorry for spamming your blog with this. I was going to Facebook you but then I saw that you had a recent blog post and well... yeah. :)

    Hope all is well. <3

  2. Please, spam my blog any time. Please.

    I've been super busy getting into this whole teacher routine. Good times.

    I had a nasty dream last night, in which a overly happy man mocked me, and said inappropriate things about My Love.

    Silly dreams...

    All is indeed well. And I shall post today to prove it.