Monday, 27 June 2011

The Line-up

There are few things as nourishing to the soul as taking care of God's Creation. Whether it be a kitten, a garden or a classroom. I love sitting here, kittens affectionately brushing up for a cuddle.

I never embraced engineering the way I'm loving teaching. I watched The Breakfast Club for the first time on Thursday night. I flicked the TV on today and there was Head of the Class followed by Welcome Back, Kotter. Classic TV? Hardly. But I love the representation of the idealogical teacher, defying the establishment- reaching the kids where they're at. And the The Breakfast Club is an example of what not to become.

Perhaps not particularly realistic in a Victorian school nowadays. The divergence from the mainstream methodology probably has to be at a higher level- but then again, the ground troops are rarely leading the charge at the top tier, right?

I'm not sure how beneficial The Bendigo Education Plan will be for each school, but I can see how good it could be. We have a "new" style of open-plan classroom, and when the curriculum matches the architecture, there could be something really special.

Sorry I haven't been around in a while. There're a few shout-outs that need to happen. Today is my father's birthday- and 5 days ago was my sister's. I had fun hanging out with her, and it's great to have a friend in her.

Dad's had it rough, but I'm glad to see him moving from strength to strength of late. Happy birthday, old man!

And most importantly, here's a video of our newest addition to the family, getting to know his little sister. Welcome, Mr. Miles!

Video by My Love, Music: 'GreenGreens(ContagiousEyeInfection)' by SgtRama


  1. Happy Birthday to both your dad and sister!

    (And Mr. Miles and Honey are so cute together!!!)

  2. Yay birthdays! Happy birthday, Dad and Sister!

    (Cute kitties!)