Friday, 18 May 2012

Model kits and model students

Mr. Ritchie: "...and I'd forgotten that I was supposed to be in Bendigo for the session, so after all that, I ended up driving for four hours-"
Student: "Did you put it in your learner's log book?"

I've had a great time with my students. Most of them are great fun and, when given the right circumstances, like to show their abilities and take pride in their work. Offering them the chance to do the right work can be a challenge.

I'm getting tired of people guessing my age wrong. It only comes up when they suggest I would have completed my VCE more than [x] years ago...

..."In your 30's..?" is almost always where their estimation falls.


I'm 23...

But looking old has its advantages. I (hope) it allows me to surprise them with my knowledge of youth culture (an opportunity quickly falling away). And it should afford a little extra respect. Should.

Right now, I'm looking into model kits. I've just purchased the Kotobukiya Ikaruga: Black Fine Scale Model Kit, which looks... challenging. But I can't wait! I love nail polish, and painting fine details, so it should be right up my alley. In preparation, I'm looking for another one to build my confidence and ready me for the battle. I'm thinking parhaps the Bandai Gundam Age HG 1/144 Farsia. I think it looks like an easy build, and a good opportunity to test out some painting (the kit doesn't really need it, but I think it'll be fun- and the Ikaruga definitely does require it). Also, if anyone has any tips about airbrushes, or tool kits, PLEASE help. I'm super excited!
I'm off on an adventure this weekend, while my lovely wife - who is currently beating me up (or "giving me a massage" or something...) - is on a conference.

I hope you all have many fun adventures to tell me about.




  1. It has to be the beard, right?

    Have awesome adventures, and let me know if you're adventurin' down to Melbourne :)

    1. Nope :(. It's to Frederick. I'll be hanging around, maybe visiting Ballarat, while she is learning about drug and alcohol issues :)

    2. Sigh... It's Creswick. Silly autocorrect...

  2. 30 years old? I'd take that as a compliment to say that I'm wise beyond my years :)

  3. Man. Even I forget you are just 23. I say "just" with all the might of the two years between us. :)

    Happy Adventures.