Thursday, 3 March 2011

Weddings, schools and wires

Well, hopefully just one wedding. I don't want to plan any more of them. One is exactly the right number to plan, I feel.

So we've looked at dresses and venues and catering companies and guest lists and suits and invitation designs (I'll be sure to post the finished one up here) and rings and photographers and... other stuff. It's all very exciting.

I'm going to be Mrs. Koh!

Wait. That came out wrong. Maybe.

We've set a date (finally) and everyone's getting on board with things now. We're all very happy.

And I'm blogging again. Yaysies~!

I have started in this new scholastic direction of mine and have already spent a day in a secondary school, in a few classrooms.

That's right. In case you missed the update- I'm going to be a teacher. Bring it on! I can't wait to get amongst the students and work magic in a classroom, enlightening them and encouraging them and most of all, learning with them.

Another fun little diversion that I've jumped into is this:

I've also purchased Sanwa buttons along with the wiring necessary to reorder the inputs to my preferred layout.

I'll switch 'em up from:

L1 (□) (Δ) R1
L2 (×) (O) R2


(□) (Δ) (O) R1
(×) L1 L2 R2

I'll be using these colourful buttons:

I'll also be modding the faceplate, perhaps with a coat of paint, but most likely with a new decal, printed laminated and fitted to the top.

Any ideas for designs?

I don't want a game-specific design, and I was thinking it'd be cute to have a highly pacifistic design to adorn my new Hori Fighting Stick 3. Seriously. Gimme ideas.

I'll update you with the progress.

Also- do any of my local friends know where I could get some soldering gear?

Much love,



Here's a preliminary mock-up of an idea I had (please ignore the crappy shortcuts I took in giving it perspective- i.e. pretend the red ball is round and on top of a stick). I adore Mother 3 and I've always liked this image from the Mother 3 Handbook of Lucas and Boney with the ghost of Hinawa, together in the sunflower fields. Is it too noisy? Should I stick to my own art? I dunno.


  1. I missed, missed, missed you! Wedding planning sounds exhausting, and amazing. I'm glad things are coming together.

    A TEACHER?! How did I miss that? It fits you so well, Evan. You'll be dearly loved, I'm sure. Especially if you teach using not!chickens.


  2. It would be exhausting, except I have the energy to think about this stuff now, knowing that it won't be happening until early December.

    I missed you, too :).

    Yeah, I changed things up and now I'm really excited about getting into a classroom!

  3. Hey Evan! Glad to hear everything is going very well! I'm sure you can get some soldering gear at your local Dick Smith's Electronics store - :)

    Hope teaching is the job you're looking for!

  4. I popped into Jaycar and picked up a soldering kit and a dremel. Both VERY useful for case modifications.

    In a few hours I need to start getting ready for another day in school! How very exciting!

    Thanks Sophie :).

  5. So glad you're back!! And I think you would make a great teacher! Can't wait to hear about everything :)