Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome to our house

I cycled through the crisp morning, smiling at the thought of the hot breakfast and loving arms I knew were waiting for me.

I'd slept through my alarm. She had raised me from my slumber with a text detailing the imminence of the morning meal time and the necessity for my immediate departure, should I expect any heat to be retained in the dish that was waiting on the table.

Upon arriving at her house, I dismounted my velocipede. As soon as I was through the door, she serenaded me with a gorgeous rendition of You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift while I tucked into the (thankfully still warm) plate of glazed ham and apple with mustard.

I have to be honest. I teared up almost immediately.

You want to know how life is at the moment?

It's good. Pretty darn good.


  1. That's beautiful to see and hear :). Life's amazing over here as well :).

    God is so good !

    And glad to see the blog's alive again ;).

  2. You're aliiiiiiiive!!! Where have you BEEN?

    I'm so happy you're happy :)

  3. aww i love the E and K. its cute!

  4. My blog is alive again! It feels good to be back :).

    Thanks for waiting for me, y'all!

  5. I've missed you soooo much, SC! SO glad you're back!!!!

    And what a wonderful story :)

  6. Thanks, Emmy. I've had minimal internet access (from my mobile) which has allowed me to keep up with other people's blogs, but it's not so easy to comment/write my own.

    *Stretches arms*

    I'm home again :).

    I've missed you, too!

  7. yeah i was *this close* to giving up on it. velcome back :)