Monday, 29 August 2011

Doseisan in Trash Can (Mr. Saturn) unboxing

A super cute parcel arrived today! It didn't look that cute when it arrived, but it sure got cuter as I opened it!

For those who are confused (nicked from Wiki):

Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn (どせいさん Dosei-san) is a friendly species that aids the player's party. All individuals of the species are named Mr. Saturn. They are identical in appearance, each short, peach, with an overlarge nose, whiskers, and a bow on its one hair. They speak Saturnian (composed of odd looking English letters), and erratically use the words "boing," "ding," "zoom," and "Dakota". The Japanese font is said to be inspired by the handwriting of the young daughter of EarthBound's designer, Shigesato Itoi. First seen in EarthBound, they make a return appearance in Mother 3, the Japanese sequel to EarthBound. In both games, they help with repairing or building various machines.

Mr. Saturns make their home in Saturn Valley, in Eagleland, which is just north of Threed. Their village has round homes which resemble flying saucers and/or the planet Saturn and strange furniture, such as ATMs which bounce up and down in place and resemble Mr. Saturns. Some of the Mr. Saturn's preferred foods are "almond monaka" and "pig yōkan" (changed to "peanut cheese bars" and "piggy jelly" in the English version of the game), goods that can be purchased in the Saturn Valley shop. According to Shigesato Itoi, the Mr. Saturn race are the symbolism of innocence in the game.

I hope you're happy in your new home, Mr. Saturn. Welcome to the family!



  1. Oh! Well, that's a lot smaller than I thought it was. Actually, I don't know what it is. Haha! It's cute though.

  2. Sitting in his trash can he sits at 20cm tall (including his strand of hair). That's 8 inches for those playing in The States.

    Also- I've added a description, for those who are confused :).

  3. I love it!

    I haven't played any of the Earthbound or Mother games, but I definitely remember Mr. Saturn from SSBM.

    So cute :) Where do you get this awesome stuff??

  4. Tee hee hee... Interwebs :). I'm very lucky. I managed to get this fellow for around $30. As of right now, the only other one on ebay wants about $100 for it.


  5. *Sigh*
    Wherefore is he in a trash can? Shouldn't he be in, I dunno, something that more likely resembles a Pokeball?

  6. They're an intriguing juxtaposition. They're clever inventors, with child-like attitudes, and an inability to see the obvious:

    Oh, Mr. Saturn. Your disguise is impenetrable!

    (See the end of that short video)

  7. I'm in love with your nerdy shelves. Nerdy but adorable. :)

  8. Thanks :). They're about to get more nerdy. I ordered a couple of things at the same time- but only the Mr. Saturn in a Trash Can had speedy shipping.

    Waiting... Waiting...

  9. That is so so so so cute!! I want one too!!!

  10. There are many different versions of Mr. Saturn available. I like the disguised one who comes with a bandana! Super cute!

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