Monday, 29 August 2011

Manifest 2011 + Swag/Merch



I managed to get them to fit into their stands (after I performed some minor "plastic" surgery on their back supports)!

***End edit***

First, I'd like to thank My Love for accepting my nerdy-ness and allowing me to decorate her house with the resulting memorabilia.

Then, I'd like to say: Yay for Manifest!

I had a ball. I loved the AMV's, the cosplay, the screenings, the merch, the cultural displays- everything! It was good to be among my people again. I wish I'd brought a worthwhile camera with me. As it is, I'll have to rely on other people snaps to remember the wonderful cosplay displayed this year. And there were some particularly memorable skits, too.

This was super cute, for Madoka fans:

For everyone who was attending Manifest for the first time and was up on stage, the whole crowd chanted "One of us!" to ensure they'd have to return next year. Next year I'm definitely bringing My Love along.

Everyone had a good time, everyone was polite and friendly, and it's times like this when it makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing that I'm a geek.

Now, onto the swag. I snatched up some great wall scrolls, both of which make me smile. Poor Ciel in that dress...

Next up, an Ouran cushion, featuring Mori and Honey. Cute!!

Finally, here's something I've never purchased before... Anime figures! And these exist at the intersection of two of my interests: fighting games and Lucky Star!

Here's Konata as Guile:

And Tsukasa as Ken:

And Kagami as Ryu:

And Miyuki as C. Viper. Awesome.

And here's the crew:

Adorable. I really need somewhere to display them. Once I have a proper job, I may purchase some more shelving for the spare room.

I hope to see some of you there next year. It'll be awesome. I'll definitely be cosplaying- and I think My Love's fairly interested as well.

Catch you on the flipside!


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  1. 7/2/12 Hi, is there any chance you can tell me where you got the fab Mori and Honey (pink) cushion from, have tried to get one for ages now, would really appreciate your help. Thanks for reading, have a great day. Nick