Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Grampians

Over the last few days I spent some time in recovery mode, hanging out with my folks in The Grampians. We walked trails, witnessed the destruction of the floods, saw wildflowers and watched kangaroos box. I filmed this on my phone out the window of our cabin:

Here's an echidna we saw on the track:

And various wild flowers and orchids:

A view of our caravan park:
I needed a rest. I got one. Thank you.

I hope everything's all right where you are.



  1. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! Hope things continue to go well for you :)

  2. It looks like the perfect place for a rest. Only a little jealous. ;)


  3. It was lovely :). Although I did get behind on various tasks because of it...

  4. Even awesome people find being awesome a little tiring every now and then. Don't push yourself too hard.