Tuesday, 8 June 2010



  1. Lol; so if we refer to the "Narrative tools in the form of anthorpomorphised avian creatures," should we call them that, or "birds" or "(not)chickens"? :P

    Haha; that was a mouthful!

  2. Well, "(not)chickens" or "!chickens" would be fine :).

  3. I suspect that there should be TM Lorraine involved somewhere with the (not)chicken, but that's just us Americans for you and our non-humble-type ways. :)

    Hello dearest Evan! I hope you are better than well. I'm slowly coming to terms with not marrying you. (not)chickens help.


  4. You can have as many (not)chickens as you like! Yep. I should acknowledge your contribution to their title. Also, smalltiny's infuriating insistance on calling them chickens helped. They're clearly (not)chickens, as my depiction of an actual chicken is testament- for comparison. Also, I appear to be better at drawing every other animal than the (not)chickens...

    Kat's a swell lass. You should meet her. It helps. She's uber fun!

  5. I strongly disagree. (Not)chickens are by far the best of the bunch. And since I'll still be honeymooning in Australia, perhaps we can all do lunch! Mark you calendar with that indefinite date.

  6. I'll combine the two words and call them "Nickens." As in "What the nickens??!!" :-)

  7. Wow. This post is a serious in-joke. To be safe, Lor, I've estimated that for you to organise a wedding big enough for your family, it'll take at least 6 months. I've also made the assumption that you'll date for a minimum of 3 months before marriage. To this end, I've marked every day after April 9 2011 to be set aside for potential lunch with Lor and Hubby. Also, if you intend on spending time at our beaches, you two can stay at my place. To that end, you might wanna rush, so you can be here Jan/Feb, or otherwise try and wait until the following year, to make sure you get the best sun.

    Actually, don't rush. You're a sweet catch, so you'd better marry someone amazing. Or I'll hunt you down and wag my finger at you in a condescending manner.

    I might also click my tongue at you.

    See you soon, I hope!

  8. That should have been "...if you're intent on spending..." or "...if you intend to spend..."

    Sorry for the grammar fail there.

  9. *giggle*

    Thaaank you. *blush*

    I think every one of my prayers for my future husband will now included an amendment for provision for an Australian honeymoon. :)

    I'm sure future!hubby will be excited to meet the man I *almost long distanced married without dating. Wow. That's a story for our future!kids.

    Yay April-2011-or-some-time-thereafter-but-no-rush-even-though-I'm-not-getting-any-younger-but-I've-learned-my-lesson-and-I'm-waiting-on-God. Yay!

    ;) I can't wait.


  10. I'm glad you're happy :).

    OK, be careful with your exclamation marks. To my programmer eyes, it means "not". You don't want a future not-husband and future not-kids, do you? Unless of course you're after a wife and pet goannas. That would count.

    Although I think you want a hubby and kids, so I'll assume you weren't using the same syntax as I was reading it to be :).

  11. As I am happy for your happiness. Teehee. :)

    And huh?! Don't exclamation points just mean... Ah never mind. I just drew a blank on exclamation points which means that its past my bed time.

    No wife.
    No pets.


    Better, m'dear?

  12. Here's some pseudo-code to demonstrate:

    if (hasChocolate != true)
    {happy = false}

    or alternatively

    if (!hasChocolate)
    {happy = false}

  13. confirmed

    The anonymous poster child

  14. Ah! Someone with a genuinely interesting blog commented on mine! And his name is Ched!

    What do I do?! What do I do?!

    *Licks palms and pats down hair*

    *Straightens collar*

    Sorry, guys. You've all got great blogs :). Except you, APC. Yours sucks. It's just cut-outs of Hugh Laurie's head on different animals' bodies.

    Heh heh. Cheds.