Sunday, 21 December 2008


It's a sweaty night. I'm lying in bed, on my phone. My girlfriend has been staying with my family for several days now and I think it's done us all some good. With someone else around, we stay mostly on our best behaviour. My family have embraced her and it makes me so happy. My new computer has arrived and is amazing. I'm finally able to run a certain videogame on full screen and with some nice filters applied. My mate asked my girlfriend how she managed to hold any of my attention now that my new computer had a certain maternal game (3rd in the series) installed. She came back with a suitably naughty comment pertaining to the various ways she could hold my attention. Since she's been here I haven't played many videogames to any real extent. Hmmm... We'll have to change that.

Enjoy the break and pause to reflect on the Saviour come to earth this Christmas.

With love,


P.S. Despite the new laptop, no internet connection means further use of my phone for blogging purposes.

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