Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Summer blues

I'm lying in bed. My face is sore with sunburn for the first time since I started this job. I just took off my hat and completely forgot.

Mostly my job consists of letting people down waterslides, supervising the water playground and watching people float by on rubber tubes. It's a nice summer job. Sometimes I crave monotony, but lately it just gets me thinking about things I'd like to fix.

Of which I could talk all day.

Let me just say that her family is giving her a hard time about me. Her mother is particularly unhappy. It's getting to the point where the things she says are childish snaps that I find hard to believe could come from an educated person's mouth. She must be intelligent. She just appears to be very childish when it concerns her daughter's dating habits.

I won't say any more on the topic.

It seemed a pleasant day, the day she graduated. I at least was proud of her and even though I haven't witnessed all her hard work over the years, I'm overjoyed to celebrate in the accomplishment the ceremony was in honour of. Too spiteful? Perhaps.

As I thought... It is difficult typing this out on my little phone keypad...

Let me finish by saying this. Every dejected text I recieve from her, and every down-trodden email that I find in my inbox is a beautiful, yet tragic reminder that she hasn't given up on me yet. She knows I won't give up on her.

Thanks, Babe, for pushing on. I pray things will get easier, and that your mother's heart will soften.


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  1. dont let the family get you or her down. Sadly things could be worse. The family agnoledges you and in doing so gives you some respect, even if they dont like you. As time passes reason will kick in, and if it doesnt for some the rest will be moved more strongly in your support.

    Time away sucks, I know, im becoming an expert. My advice? sorry, none, nothing i try has worked so far. Visit often, communicate regularly and enjoy the time you are together to the max, some of us would kill to only be a couple hours away :) That was advice wasnt it? well, it was based on what my head says should work. sadly my head and my heart are so distantly related i sometimes wonder if i didnt have some operation when i was a baby. but then i would have scars wouldnt i? I have, over the last few weeks had to watch my significant other weigh their options of whether or not to reviel my existance and then, when the decision was to hide me away as a dirty little secret, i have had to accept that... i kow that isnt how it really is but, being brought up the way i was i cant help but feel like i am being treated as something to be ashamed of. So not cool! sigh. sigh, dont you wish the world made sense?