Wednesday, 1 July 2009


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I'm on a computer at the Bendigo library. It has a timer, as you may have worked out. Better keep an eye on that thing.

I had made my way through the H1N1 infested streets of Melbourne city, and you know what? There wasn't a face mask in sight. Everyone was inhaling deeply (mostly through the spongy filters of their cigarettes) and there wasn't much coughing to be heard.

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Goodness. Looking at the time stamps, it seems that I'm a very slow typist...

I had a baguette with a friend, then helped him out shopping for his mother's birthday present. I also bought myself a DVD and some chocolate frogs. Lovely. I found a delicious little shop in Melbourne Central that had some very peculiar little bags and books which I took a liking to. Very expensive though.

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Well, I better post this and tell you the rest later,



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