Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tough day

My day's OK. I've had just one class today.

I hope your day improves, My Love. The responsibility and duties you hold are beyond my comprehension. You're so very talented. You thank me for treating you with respect. Why? How could I not respect someone who's so accomplished, caring, faithful and clever?

"Academic misconduct... is bad"

This is what my lecturer told me. Before he proceeded to make fun of all the unnecessary bureaucracy involved in each subject. He also mentioned he's completely fine with plagiarism. Apparently plagiarism is good in that at least the student will have copied out the method and learned something. Much better than handing in nothing, says he. Student collaboration is what Engineering is about, apparently. I think I'm gonna like this class.

It's been great to get back into study. Ooh, and my nails are now red and green. I know it's not Christmas, but it's still a nice, colourful combination. I'm looking forward to Bible Study tonight. It'll be great to read God's word and discuss it with my friends at "The Old Vic".

"My apartment... the home where I hide... away from all the darkness outside" -- My Apartment, Ben Kweller

It's good to be back at HQ.

We'll make it through,


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