Friday, 27 August 2010


A week in hospital looking after a sick bunny turned out to be the blessing I needed. One-on-one time was great, having solid days on end just to swim through conversations and to reminisce and enjoy the hospital cuisine. There were a few tears shed. She doesn't like being left in anyone else's hands, however (in)competent they turned out to be.

Being a doctor in a sick bed has advantages: Private rooms, spare beds for fianc├ęs, friends coming in to "compromise one's care" with extra treatment and tasty noodles, etc.

All this took place when she was supposed to be moving into the new house. Praise God for the community He's built up around her- the choir ladies did a great job setting up the house with donations and gifts. Her med team friends were kind and the nurses did what they could to make us comfortable.

But what a house! I slept in front of the fire last visit, on account of the blue hue apparent in my face and digits. Saving gas is one thing, but... goodness, that was cold. The big, squishy mattress in front of the fire helped. Thanks, My Love, for your understanding and compassion.

Then: The party. Friends from all over came to share with us in the celebration of our engagement, as well as her house warming and birthday! Thanks to those who came. The party was well over-catered, but in the long run, the abundance of red meat left in her freezer should go some way toward helping with the anaemia.

Our friend's little boy now associates My love with me, I'm very pleased to say. He's the cutest little guy and gets all the attention at parties and on the wards. Kat told me how he ran into the living room and ran laps around the sofa, before looking up and asking, "Where Evan?"

I'm off to get some $4 pizza with friends from Bimbo's.

I'm sorry for not being around. I do love you.

Note: I didn't publish this post until now. The pizzas yesterday were delicious. The talk by Don Carson was inspiring. The birthday walking was fun. The pancakes were tasty. The sleepover was entertaining. The big brekky this morning rocked my stomach. The stomach pump this afternoon should be a hoot.

Almost as much fun as the group project I'm heading off to complete.

I had a great time, sneaking up to Bendigo to celebrate with My Love. Chicken nuggets and a Cantonese movie. Nice. And cuddles.

Have a great day, y'all.

Especially, Kei.


Happy Birthday!



  1. I love you too, and the apology is returned.

    I feel like it's my fault we haven't seen enough of each other... but perhaps it isn't always just about me :)

  2. Silly man! I've been party organising and sick people looking after and project doing and mountain climbing and lots of other noun verb combos.


  3. Evan!
    I hope the engagement party was amazing! I'm happy for you guys :) Also, $4 pizza, that sounds so good. I wish I could find any good deals around here, aha.

  4. Yay for movies and cuddles. I hope for such a lovely combination sometime this semester. :-)

  5. :)

    Thanks, Evana.

    I'm glad you had a good party.