Thursday, 19 August 2010

So much to tell, but I've got a party to prepare!


  1. awww, how sickly sweet :). get to work, TSC.

  2. Very cute, Evan and Kat :) (a little corny, but very, very sweet, and of coures, I love the pun.)

  3. Sorry I can't make it to the party, Evan my dear. :)

    I hope it's a success though, and many happy wishes to you and Kat both.

    Miss you around the blog lately. Take lots of pics.


  4. When I first saw this picture I thought the keys looked quite strange, then I realised it was because you blurred the cut -- so as to prevent it from being copied ! Clever X-D ! Haha, congrats on you & your fiancé moving in ! Moving house is apparently one of the more stressful things in life .. and I know !

  5. You got it, Mookxi :). Nah, she's moved in- I won't move in until we're married.

    Can't wait!