Monday, 9 August 2010

Gettin' it together

It's started. The gym timetable's on the wall, the washing's done, I've got all the supplies I need: Soy milk, bought in bulk; Weet-Bix, or at least the no name equivalent; Cruskits, light; Vegemite; Fruit. I'll buy my main protein more regularly - so I won't stock up on that - and I'll stick to lean meats.

Bring it.

I've got pretty strong will power when it comes to food and exercise. Study doesn't come so easily. My diary is now full of assignment due dates and there's a study guide in each notebook.

My essentials:

- God's Love
- Healthy pantry
- Gym clothes
- Pain killers
- Sketch book
- Friends
- Kat (Also a friend, but more important for various reasons)

Don't worry. It's not all business. I'm good at making time for fun.


  1. Love the new <title> :)
    Wish I had your will power. Something I can work on I think.
    Alas, here I am reading your blog... :P

  2. I have no will power. Honest.

    But I'm almost back at the gym also! If your not!chicken has a little gut, I'm afraid my puffy haired cartoon might also be getting a little puffy faced... :(

    Keep those studies up, sir. *high five*