Thursday, 23 September 2010

Holidays = Internet free

Not nearly as good as free internet. Hopefully there'll be a big backlog of scribbles and paintings and writings by the time I return. The hot springs were wonderful. I can't wait to be with My Love again this Saturday.

Missing you all,



  1. hot springs! damn, I want to go too!

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  2. We miss you, too! But, have an amazing time :)

  3. Hot Springs? Oh my goodness - that must be so fun. I wish I can go one day. Where abouts is it?

  4. The hot springs were on the Mornington Peninsula. They were amazing. I felt so relaxed and even managed a few good days of study afterwards.

    It turns out I have internet for tonight, but I left my sketch book at home, so I just posted that piece about driving instead.

    Thanks for that, Emmy. It genuinely buoys my spirit when I'm down to know that random people are willing to read about my life and "meet me" here in cyberspace. Tonight's, well- a bit rubbish, really. It'll be better when I can hold My Love in my arms, but right now I've got the blues.

    You're all helping, though :). You gorgeous, gorgeous people :).