Sunday, 12 September 2010

It was a good party

When I come back with those smoky eyes, you know it was a good party.


P.S. Points available for identifying the poster in the background. Points void if contestant has actually visited this room.


  1. Somehow looks like an old Edith Piaf.. but with Britney spears font.. ahahah my eyesight is getting really bad =)

  2. Nope, but music is a good clue... And it's all black and white, if you're doing a colour search...

  3. Someone better work this out... If you search "album" and scroll through pages and pages, with the "black and white" filter on, you might find it.

    Who'd wanna do that?

  4. I could just tell everyone :P
    Should I be worried that although you gave up nail polish, you have apparently taken up eyeliner instead?