Thursday, 4 November 2010

Because I can't be with you-

I wish I didn't have so much work to do. I'm very grateful for the time I get to spend with My Love.

On account of the fact that I haven't had time to do any serious blogging, but I still want to hang out with all my blog pals, I've decided to get you to help me out.

I've had a lot of fun making (not)chickens (and the turtle) out of felt. But I also like doing he drawings of (not)chickens. The drawings are quicker to whip out, but I've also grown attached to the arts-and-craft feel of the felt ones.


Here's where you come in. See that over there on the sidebar? Yes, that. You can vote there. It'd be great to get your feedback. If no one really likes the felt ones, I won't bother. If people reckon it'd be better with exclusively soft, fuzzy (not)chickens, I can do that. If people like a mix of both, then I'm happy with that too.

I gotta get back to the books.



P.S. How was everyone's Halloween? I know someone's was awesome. We don't really celebrate it here in Aus. Although, for some reason our supermarkets started stocking "Halloween pumpkins", which were (according to their advertising) "ready for carving".

We've never done that before...


  1. I think it's starting to take off here...saw some teeny boppers all dressed up and running through the rain that day... needless to say, I was in the car, pointing and laughing :P.

  2. I think the felt (not)chickens are more animated looking... you could probably create a stopmotion animation series with them.

  3. Could I? I think you overestimate my talents ;).

    Once these holidays come around I'll be going crazy whipping up odds and ends.

    Thanks for the comment, KPK ;).