Monday, 1 November 2010


See that picture above? Scary, huh? Why am I looking like that?

Movember, of course!

Movember is a time to get one's face all icky with a dirty moustache, but most importantly, it's a time to recognise men's health issues.

Men are often really bad at seeking help, so Movember raises money for Beyond Blue, a mental health service, as well as research into prostate cancer.

Much to My Love's annoyance, my face will be all festy for the month of November, and it'd be great if you'd like to donate any amount at all to support these great causes and give some consolation to all the girls who have to put up with prickly guys for a month.

Thanks, everyone!

Have a great Movember!

♥ Evan



  1. Ahahahaha... Mr Moustache! Good for you for doing Movember!!

  2. Did you hear? The town of Moama is changing its name to Motown for the month of Movember!

  3. Here in the States, we call it "No Shave November" and all our men go for full out beards! Its going to be interesting :P

  4. Thanks, everyone! I've passed the $100 mark! My goal is $250.

    Emmy, I've always got a full beard, so it'd be less exciting... ;)

    Yay for Motown!

  5. I have a Movember fundraising account too - I think we should form a team, since you've got the moustache-growing capability ;)

  6. We should! I can't come up with an original name that isn't already there...

    Any ideas?

  7. Nope. I'm bad at names. Let's be Spicy Motown Fish.

  8. What about just "Spicy Fish". I totally dig it!

  9. Spicy fish it is.
    *sheep eyes*
    Hope you're getting your work done without migraine today.

  10. Sure am! I started the team, so it's ready for you to join :).

    *Moustache kisses*