Monday, 15 November 2010

Unpleasant to behold

Urgh! Horrible, I know. Why am I doing this?

Movember, of course! Movember (the month formerly known as November) is when we recognise men's health issues, raising money for mental health services and research into prostate cancer.

How can you help? Easy! You can grow a mo (or suffer along side a man you know who is growing one) and raise money for this great cause. If you know someone who's raising money, please donate.

My Mo Space page is here, and donations to our team are greatly appreciated. My love is suffering along side and has to put up with many prickly kisses. Imagine that!

In order to brighten up my exam period, me and my high school friends got together for a coding/artwork session concerning a simple software project we're working on. As usual, I'm head of the art department. Oh, wait. I AM the art department.

The most important purpose for this escapade was to make jelly (or jell-o, as you zany Americans would have it) in all the (worthwhile) colours of the rainbow!


Impressive, no?

I hope your day is just as colourful,



  1. Oooh! Pretty jello :)
    (Honestly, I can't understand why you guys call it the States, jelly is the stuff you put on a sandwich with peanut butter :P)

  2. Wait, a software project to create jelly?


    @Emmy - So Americans don't just have peanut-butter-by-itself-with-perhaps-butter-or-margarine-and-sometimes-bread-also sandwiches?

  3. @James D......

    Americans do eat peanut butter by itself (or jelly by itself) but I have never heard of adding butter or margarine to the sandwiches....

    Speaking of which, its been FOREVER since I've last had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich :( I need to go and make one!

  4. I remember that jelly. Taste the rainbow! Wow, we really are products of advertising, eh?

    What Americans call jelly we would call jam, although I think your jelly is just clear whereas our jam often has chunks of fruit in it. Would you still call that jelly?

    Also, isn't Jell-O a brand name? Is that really what you call it?

  5. Adam,

    Yeah, Jell-O is a brand name, but most of the time, we just call it jello, (without the capitilizations). Also, we have what you guys call jam (with the pieces of fruit inside). That's what Americans call "preserves". We have jelly (without fruit) and preserves (with fruit). Hope that clears it up :P

  6. I hate No Shave November as my friends call it. It's so nasty. Haha!

    (I love JELL-O.)

  7. Just as I suspected. I have 18 followers currently... and I'm one of them! Silly me...

    And My Love's not one of them...


  8. This is a great injustice! Your Love should totally be following your wonderful blog! D:

    (But, even if she's not, I'm sure she loves you just as much anyway ;)

  9. It's possibly because she doesn't want people to link through to her blog from mine (even though I have various links to it in posts and it's also in the blog reel at the side).

    She's not really a "public blogger".

    She does indeed love me, and I know that :).