Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Good friends and hard work

I just finished 3 days of working for a friend in her backyard- mulching, digging, moving concrete chunks. It felt good. I'm a little sore. I'm very thirsty- even though she kept bringing me delightful beverages. I'm 2 fluffy chickens the richer- and I can hopefully contribute toward some wedding expenses.

We're so blessed in our friendships. We've had luxurious dinner parties at our house, and other peoples'. We've been given far too many gifts for no good reason at all. Thank you, Lord God, for all these blessings. Thank you for the blessings given through my parents and Kat's parents and the good relation we're able to share. Thank you for an eternally stable corner stone, through the storms and the sunshine- through the in-laws and the kitties.

We've been decorating some more. It seems as soon as I take a photo, we immediately put up a new poster, or a new ornament, or wall decal. I must take some photos. This place looks beautiful.

I must take photos. I also should get some (not)chickens happening again...

I hope everything's swell. I miss you.



  1. Sounds like you're having a blast. Do come and visit soon though - I miss you!!

  2. I will :). Not long now, hopefully! *Squeeze*

  3. I've taken lots of photos of the new decorations. Nick 'em off the camera card! :)

  4. I've missed those not!chickens a whole lot. A LOT. :)


  5. Missing the day we made cup cakes, Evan.