Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I don't know if you'll read this...

...But I hope everything gets better, in a more permanent sense. You've struggled enough. I pray you find peace, so you can keep doing God's work with a bright and thankful heart, free from burden and guilt.


  1. Her bright and thankful heart is back :).

  2. I know you've logged out of facebook for the time being, but I've reposted that amazing Jelly Beans video everywhere.

    And after I read this message here, I squealed into a pillow :). I'll keep praying for that amazing girl.

  3. It's such an awesome concept isn't? You must watch the behind the scenes vid :).

  4. Yeah, I did. And wept. 2 years?! So many stills! From 5 minutes to 3 hours per frame, and more that 300,000 of them!