Saturday, 29 November 2008

Breathe in... Breathe out...

I just returned from escorting my friend home. It's really quite pleasant at 4:00am, walking in the misty rain through Melbourne's largest inner-city park. I saw a fox (not a monkey) run across the road in front of me and I couldn't help being brought back to the last time I made the journey. The weight of the work I was supposed to be doing made it not nearly as pleasant before. Now I'm free and everything seems easier. I don't feel exhausted. Instead I feel sleepy. That's a big difference.

I'm cleaning the apartment at this odd hour, but I think my cleaning will have to be confined to this room, as there's a body lying on the couch. I think it's the guy that my French housemate was with before. I don't mind letting strays occupy my lounge room. I always appreciate a couch or patch of floor to stick a sleeping bag on, so I'm happy to offer it in return. I think he might be a little upset that he'll only be getting a few hours sleep. We'll wait until I move in at 6:00am to start cleaning to see how he manages.

This is my last post from Melbourne for a while. I'll be back in my family's home soon. I think most of the posts I make from there will come straight from my mobile, so they won't be as long. I'm really using this as a procrastination tool. Again. Back to cleaning, Evan.

I'm still missing her. I imagine I'll have to go much longer without seeing her after she moves to Bendigo, but I'll make sure to visit as often as I can. I'm hoping for every weekend.

I'm actually starting to get nervous about meeting her parents. I want everything to run smoothly and I want her to know that I'll do what she wants. She knows her parents best and knows how best to approach them. All that matters to me is that she cares about me, but it's important that her family (and friends)... Well... I don't want them to hate me. I'm sure they won't. The only thing that's made me a little scared is a conversation I had with a Chinese Malaysian girl recently about her family. They won't acknowledge that she's dating a white guy. They expressly forbid her to ever date an Indian guy. And the amount of money a guy has to his name is very important.

I know her family couldn't be like that or she wouldn't be the beautiful person she is, but I still get scared. I pray that they'll see who I am. Not my age, ethnicity, grades, connections, bank balance, etc., but who I am and how much I love their daughter and sister. Let me reiterate that I know they won't be as bad as the stories my friend told me of her family. Not even close. But it sure doesn't help to settle the butterflies hearing stories like that.

That is to say, if she's ready to introduce me at all. It might not be the right time yet. It's up to her. My precious girl...

Keep enjoying the break, baby.


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