Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Come, all you loyal heroes

At Oremore, in the county Galway,
we travel the spaceways from planet to planet
Her eyes are oceans of freedom
Don't wait up

I'm the singer
Howdy, people
Well, once I was persuaded
shall I meet you over yonder

You'll say
Hey, Jude
I'm a billion ages past you
Liar, Liar, pants on fire

Her eyes are underneath the ground,
I'm so cool
haru ga kita,
Well and I can and I die

Well you know that it's going to be alright
Ooh, Aeon, my baby boy
In taberna quando sumus
Love you so much


I'm having a blast near the hospital, visiting my girlfriend. A friend of mine made a poem using the first line of the first 20 songs to play randomly on his playlist (and posted that on his blog), and I thought my musical tastes might render this impossible, but the above "poem" says otherwise. I must admit that I did skip a yodeling track. "Youiioooodeeeiiooo" was the closest spelling I could manage, but it broke the rhythm too much. Also, the title is the twenty first song to play. Prizes will be awarded to those who figure out more than ten of the songs used. Or not.


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