Thursday, 1 January 2009

New laptop's resolution

It was a fairly good party when all is said and done. My sister partied a little too hard, the fireworks were fun, most people behaved and the pool was a great addition. Although I have to say it was a little odd to get a call around midnight asking if I'd critique a theologically-based thesis. How strange.

I'll soon have the house to myself as my family go on holiday up country. The freedom will be marvelous.

A thought from today: "You are very much a purist in that regard, aren't you?" I don't think purist can be used in that sense, but she meant that I like what is natural and simple and tend to put such concepts on a pedestal. Yes, I guess I do. I've inherited that from my father, but not to the same extent that he does.

Have a great year and I hope I'll see you soon.



P.S. She forgave me.

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  1. im confused. what was the resolution? and the elf partying too hard would be funny!