Friday, 30 January 2009

Healthy time!

After several days in rural Victoria, I feel much... healthier. Apart from a tummy upset from too much coffee, that is.

I went to two gym classes (one aerobics and another balance and core strength type stuff), went for (romantic) walks in the park, ate pumpkin pasta and salads for dinner, kept snacking to a minimum and even managed to study more than I thought was possible.

Like Dad says, "Don't worry. She'll get you fit."

Although, after watching Paprika last night we both woke up after extensive (and distressing) dreams. One about scary driving scenarios and Indian families and another about fears for the future. Oh, boy.

I didn't spend a cent while I was at her place, so I might go to the cinema tonight with friends. They're all suffering through this heatwave without air conditioning. I got a call saying they all missed me and I had to see them again soon. I miss them too. And their couch.

An update for those who are interested: Even though she (the one who's being... tiresome) said she doesn't ever want to see me again, she has decided that she doesn't mean it and that her memories of us having fun together made her realise that we have to keep trying to be friends... she thinks... I'll take it as it comes. There's only one girl I'll get on bended knee for anymore. And she knows it.

Back to study, I think.

Missing you,


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