Monday, 9 March 2009


First she gave me her scent, then put my mind at ease about my own. Her peanut butter cookies are still making me smile. We went shopping for gym pants, and I faced the tedious task of examining each one in detail. Heh heh. Or at least, drooling over each one in detail. It's a tough life. We then enjoyed yum cha with some of her med friends. Saturday evening we went to a festival by the river and took in the bright colours, the smell of over-priced food and the fireworks display. Saturday night we strolled back, iced-tea in hand, though the city and an obnoxious pervert hassled her, but ran away before anything could be done. We woke up late Sunday morning and went for a bike ride into town to organise tickets for the movie in the evening. I then donned my best kit and rocked up to the wedding of some friends. I read 1 Corinthians 12:31-13:13; the usual, but still beautiful. Afterwards we napped until I had to be at the reception (Peking Duck - delicious) and she took my sister out to dinner at one of the usual college student haunts - a Thai place nearby. After the reception we all met up, along with some other friends for the movie. It had violence, it had nudity and it was... thought-provoking. Certainly entertaining, but made the stomach churn in places. The reel cut out 45 seconds before the end of the movie. We got free tickets after we complained.

This morning we were weighed down by the immediacy of her departure. My heart cracked a little. When she smiles, I laugh, when she frowns, I sob.

It was a beautiful weekend. She's too beautiful for me, but I thank God that she hasn't figured that out. I pray she never does.


  1. It was a good weekend :)

    you write pretty.

    But sometimes you are too silly ^^ shush with the beautiful nonsense before your readers throw up..

  2. I love how I can read these posts without any tears anymore. I'm so thankful.

    We'll all get there!