Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Morning tute prep and Noises in the park

This is the first time this semester I've felt like I could have done things better (in terms of study). As we're only two weeks in, this isn't a good start. I'm confident however that I'll be back on track by the end of the day. That's good news indeed. Morning tutorial preparation is a shameful act.

Last night I decided I'd visit a friend, despite knowing I had several hours of work to do for class the next day. dinner had been light on at college, so to take my mind of the rumblings I took up my bike and rode across the park to see how his final year project was coming along. When I climbed the staircase and entered his room I found him playing the same RTS I saw him playing when I'd visited the day before. He proceeded to lose the match and I encouraged him to join me in visiting some mutual friends of ours.

When we arrived at their house, they were preparing an evening snack and offered us some home-made curry, which we couldn't turn down and made us an Earl Grey each while we waited for the rice to cook. We concluded that spontaneous visits are a good thing. We sat and chatted and watched the first half of My Fair Lady for the benefit of several people in our company who had never seen it. We talked of rotten SPAM and lolly snakes and just after the scene at the races we decided to return home so we could each start the work that was due the next day.

After escorting him back to his house, I sped through the park until I reached the very centre. Something made me stop cold. There was screaming. Periodic screaming. Someone was having fun and it was echoing off the walls of the zoo. The only visible sign of life I could find was a parked Ute. The screaming took a higher pitch, then stopped abruptly. I hoped and prayed that the enjoyment was being shared by all involved. I waited as my mind entered the dark places that male minds often frequent and although I didn't want to pull any heroics or ruin an otherwise magical (for them) encounter, I wasn't going to risk leaving a victim alone. My immediate thoughts were concerned with the reason for the location choice; the middle of an empty park, at midnight. When adrenaline hits, the obvious often escapes: The ability to make noise would prove important regardless of whether the act was consensual.

I waited more than five minutes, without hearing another sound from the direction of the truck. After I relayed my position and status to my beloved, I paused a few more minutes, until the truck turned on its engine and started to pull away. That seemed a positive sign. No one was screaming and it seemed as the truck backed 'round that there were two figures seated in the front. The truck pulled out of the car park and drove straight toward me, along the road. Once the vehicle got close enough that I could see above the glare of the headlights, my eyes sought out the face of the woman. She was laughing. My mind was at ease.

I hope I didn't ruin their night.


Back to the books, I guess.

Have fun, everyone,


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