Sunday, 15 March 2009

Procrastination Nation

"I don't even know the location of the bike sheds"
--School Uniforms, The Wombats

All it took was some progress on an assignment to get me comfortable with the idea of taking a break, then some clever lyrics, and now look at me (figuratively). I'm posting about nothing in particular.

Actually, what has taken my fancy at this moment is the clever soundtrack to 2D BOY's, World of Goo, by Kyle Gabler. So many clever musical moments; from the witty Red Carpet Extend-o-matic to the epic finale of World of Goo Ending. Definitely worth a look-see. And it's distributed free. Couldn't really ask for more, 'ey?

Speaking of free soundtracks (or not), one that is worth paying for is the Mother 3+ album. You'll find fantastic renditions of D.C.M.C.'s hits by the Crazy Ken Band and a vocal version of Theme of Love by Taeko Onuki. The Mother 3i album may have more of the main songs and themes, but the + album is worth it for those who really fell for the D.C.M.C. troop. I especially like track 5, Mr. Great's Theme/A Great Person's Theme/Big shot's Theme (too many translations!). It's a hilarious parody of the auspicious theme of the Pig Mask Army/Porky himself.

Tonda Gossa!

Well, I finally designed my own button for the link to the Mother 3 translation page (the black one in the side bar). It's almost identical to the old one, but with the official heading graphic and nicer anti-aliasing on the text. It's also lacking the official motto: "Strange. Funny. Heartrending." It's a fantastically appropriate motto, but it just wouldn't fit.

My sister just called. She's about to help me with my essay.

Much love,


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