Wednesday, 9 December 2009


So much so that I don't care about spelling.

My chest is constricted. My breathing is shallow. It's like an asthma attack, crossed with a panic attack.

But I think I'll be ok. I know this is right.

*collapses in a heap*

Have I really done enough to qualify?

Be scared. Be happy, but be scared.

If I'm worthwhile, don't let me rot in waiting. Txt me, or email me.

No more waiting, I guess.

Lots of love,

A shaking TSC.


  1. I agree WTF!
    Are you entering a bearded lady pagent? Won a scholership? Has a new ninja game come out?

    Is this your way of telling me you love me?

    The anonymous poster child :)

  2. Thanks APC :). You made my day!

    Evan has checked his alignment- he's definitely chaotic-good :).

    Yep. I love you!

  3. Wow. A good example of my past instability. I didn't realise the APC had been with us for so long... :)

    Chaotic-good is right.