Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Thanks, y'all

Thank you for a successful shopping trip. Thanks for a good chat. Thanks for support.

Congrats on a successful dinner party. Congrats on a cool new look. Guess I'm just a dork. Always will be. And quite content with that fact.

I'd better wake up early enough to remove my purple and pink nail polish before work.

Sweet dreams,

I love you, and I'll never stop,



  1. And TSC is back on the blogging waves... I wonder for how long? :)

    Hope its not raining as bad down at work as it is here in suburbia...

  2. Oh, it rained. And it poured. And I got very soggy.

    I'm cooking some chicken burgers, cauliflower au gratin, corn and a cous cous salad for dinner.

  3. sounds yummy!

    I have no idea what we're having for dinner... I think I may be left to fend for myself since parents have had discussions about doing some Christmas shopping tonight...