Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It's funny how the strangest ideas visit in the middle of the night. I've developed scripts for feature films, written novellas and painted master works, all in the wee hours. Of course, most of these fail the test of day-light review. Occasionally, though, something will stick.

One night, I made a friend.


His name is Bunny. He's clearly a rabbit, but prefers to be known as a bunyip. Silly boy.

He's made from denim jeans and green slacks (the inner was light brown). His eyes are buttons, his face patch is a reusable (no-longer) shopping bag.

He also plays the ukulele, apparently.


P.S. I like this theme of soft toys I'm going with at the moment.


  1. Maybe he is a bunyip. Maybe he only looks like a bunny on the outside...

    All those advertising companies wanting me to post for thier campains against children being used to care for the elderly say i look like th perfect innocent and very sad child... But on the inside I know im a fully grown man and am quite happy thatk-you-very-much!

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  2. Indeed... I'm glad that the APC finds these recent posts more palatable than earlier ones.