Sunday, 14 February 2010

Is there anyone for me?

One-year-old, single blog seeking fresh new name. Must be able to hold herself well in conversation. Sense of humour a must, intellect a plus. I enjoy hosting mostly sketches, pieces of writing and pixel art from the hands/keyboard of my creator. I also have a flair for self-deprecation in an oddly conceited way. Currently seeking applications from anywhere. Emotional void of namelessness may hinder development.

Please be mine!

Yours in anticipation,


P.S. After a new haircut and a sweet hat (I've always loved hats!), I'm practically a new man!





  1. fine fine, what about 'resident mayhem - colourful and peaceful plus jitterbugs'

    lol, why must you make me wring out my last drops of creativity??

  2. My Valentine's Day cry for a compatible name has at least two applicants, then :).

    Nice suggestion- however mayhem isn't something I like too much. Usually mayhem is the result of my paranoia which results in stupid/desperate acts.

    Resident is good, though. It gives the idea that something inhabits this space in cyber space.

    And I've always liked colour, peace and bugs that jitter.

  3. If I have to resubmit this assignment, you are to blame!

    ok, so alternatives to 'resident' are dweller/tenant/hideout/den/lair/hole/fort...

    then (or it can go before) 'magnum opus' :) there's a story behind how that came about... but hope you'll consider give it due consideration in the mean time :)

  4. grrr... *consider giving it...

  5. You've been law-ing it up for a few days and you're already whipping out the Latin!

    Hmmm... What makes you think it'll be anything THAT special :)?

  6. The Pixel Fort of Spectrums?

    Where My Fat Goes When I Stop Loving It?

    Fish Are Friends, Not Delicios Tasty Food...
    oop, i was doing suggestions, im hungry

    My Stomach Contains a Collapsed Super Nova

    The Source of All Entropy
    (too nerdy)

    How to Become a Purple Dragon

    The Abode of The Long Lost Ugly Lama that was Kicked Out of Tibet For Being too Post Modern
    (Too Long?)

    (Too Short?)

    The Block Formerly Known As Terminate This Havock

    Starlight Lens
    (That makes no sense does it?)

    Where My Tweets Meet My Peeps

    The Oven

    Peep House

    Solar Powered Thoughts

    You know, this is a lot harder than you might think.. Oh well

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  7. An Unintended Gardener

  8. Hmmm... excellent suggestions, all! Why a gardener, and why unintended? Still good :).

    The Oven sounds good. Perhaps with an adjective?

  9. Unintended is kind of a pun on untended and the fact that Gardner's tend their gardens. Whether the garden is this blog, your physical self, your mental self, or your emotional self is up to you.

    Or it could be something else I don't know. I thought of it IN THE CAR after being linked to this blog from YOUR FACEBOOK so don't read TOO MUCH into it.

  10. I was also thinking about "Untended Gardner" which might be a bit better but I don't like the number of syllables.

  11. It was great to see you again, Eric :). I must visit the new place and partake of this life-altering chilli of which you speak :).

    Thanks for the compliments as well :). I'm very glad this stuff gets enjoyed.

    "Untended" indicates I'm not cared for, although it could say that I've been left to grow (and I can think of some sweet banners relating to that). "Unintended" indicates a lack of purpose, but it could also mean a success, without it being organised as such.

    Hmmm... I'll keep throwing ideas around :). Thanks again!